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Drone Repair Service

Our technicians here at are DJI certified, meaning that they know everything there is to know regarding DJI drone repair. As long as the nature of the damage to your drone is possible to repair, we at will happily fix your drone.

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Multi Gas Detection and Mapping using DJI Matrice M300RTK Drone/ M30 Drone with Sniffer4D (A Full Solution for Gas Detection, Mapping and Analysis)


Aeromotus — Online Drone Store in Dubai, UAE

Aeromotus has a wide range of DJI drones and UAV’s of Yuneec company, SenseFly, Parrot, MicaSense etc. Fast delivery, quality service, professional advice, drone repair service.

Aeromotus UAVT can support you with the following:

  • Drones for 3D Mapping, Construction Monitoring
  • Thermal Imaging Drones (IR – infrared)
  • Night Vision Drones
  • Multispectral Sensors, Drone Solutions for Precision  Agriculture. Crops Monitoring, Inspection and Analysis. Spraying Drones. NDVI Maps
  • Consumer and Prosumer Drones
  • Remotely Controlled Multirotor Drones ( quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, helicopters )
  • Fixes Wing Drones
  • LiDAR Systems
  • Drone Payloads
  • Drones for 360° Aerial Shooting
  • Drones for Aerial Surveying
  • Security Drones
  • Firefighting Drones
  • Drone Pilot Trainings and Certification
  • Drones and Payloads Customization
  • Drones aftersales repair service
  • Drones spare parts and accessories
  • GCAA and DCAA Flight Permissions for RPAS
  • Aerial surveying service in Dubai and the UAE
  • Data Processing


Matrice 30 (T)

CONTENTS About the Product On March 21, 2022, DJI Innovations unveiled a top-of-the-line complete solution that combines: The latest Matrice 30 (T) portable all-weather drone series, the latest DJI Dock

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Drone Careers

Roles for drone operators across industries The day of the drone is here. Drone technology is more advanced and capable than ever before, and innovators and pioneers across a variety

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Top 5 Features of the DJI RC Plus

An Enterprise remote controller designed for commercial drone pilots Your remote controller is your link to your drone. It’s how you communicate with it and how you see what it

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Top 5 Features of the DJI Dock

Automatic drone operations and the future of remote asset inspections Drone technology has impacted every industry that involves gathering data at scale. The next step is for these revolutionary tools

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