Delair UX11 AG


The Delair UX11 Ag is a plant-mapping drone capable of onboard data processing with wireless and 3G/4G communications. Thanks to its PPK-as-you-go feature it is possible to precisely overlay maps for temporal analysis and on the route planning and guidance for on the ground agricultural machines.Now you can collect plant aerial intelligence more accurately and efficiently and reach a new level of productivity.


Professional Small UAV, map beyond the visible with ease.

The Delair UX11 Ag: high productivity and easiness of use with no compromise on the data quality – for professional ag insights.


  • All applications requiring temporal analysis or precise geolocation
  • Mapping & GIS
  • Field trials
  • Field inventory
  • Large Scale Farms and Plantations Scouting
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Forest inventory and management
  • Traceability for sustainibility
  • Environmental and Conservation
  • Due diligence of farms


Designed for best grade spectral data quality and precisely geolocalized plant data. Fully integrated true multispectral camera for bird view, biomass and chlorophyll insights in one flight. With optional PPK activation for surveygrade results.

BVLOS-ready communications – optional radio link or mobile connectivity via 3G network (4G-ready) for unlimited range.

Bird Take Off and Landing – BTOL – precise takeoffs and landings – high-angle (30 degrees) for restricted areas, low-speed landing using distance measurement technology.

Easy-to-use Android™ mission planning and monitoring app – pre-flight checklist, no-fly zones, modern user interface, in-flight data review.

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