Webinar on use of UV Cameras on Inspections of Transmission Lines and Substations with DJI Matrice M300RTK Drone.

Aeromotus, a leading End-to- End Drone Technology company based in Dubai is hosting a webinar with their partner ZQ Photoelectric, a high-tech manufacturer involved in production of UV Cameras, IR payloads and such sensors that could be used in inspection scenarios, such as transmission towers, substations inspections, solar and wind assets, bridges and infrastructure assets, wildfires and much more.

Additionally, we provide turn-key solution for intelligent infrastructure focused on AI applications driven by user demand and cutting-edge technology, thus bringing the most value to users in terms of technology, efficiency, and productivity.

Aeromotus is DJI Enterprise Drones Gold Level Distributor and exclusive distributor for ZQ Photoelectric UV Cameras for the Middle East, India and Africa region

For any questions or product related enquiries, please email us at [email protected] and please use reference “amuvcamwebinar”.




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