Share UAV Cameras: A Detailed Overview of All Cameras’ Features

In this comprehensive post, we won’t be talking about the importance of drones in various industries. We’ll dive deeper into the theme of aerial surveying and take a closer look at the Share UAV cameras and their main features. A video camera is mounted on a drone and pursues one goal – to broadcast the video to a pilot on the ground. Some cameras are installed in drones and can’t be exchanged whereas others can be mounted additionally. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the fundamental benefits of cameras from Share UAV and check whether they are worth the investment.

About Share UAV

This company was established five years ago in Shenzhen, China. So far, they specialize in building drones, mapping cameras, and powerful data-processing software that can enhance work efficiency on mapping and aerial surveying. The company has mostly been focused on oblique photogrammetry for years and even released a couple of drone cameras suitable for DJI drones. 

A year ago, both companies were in partnership and developed PSDK 102S, a powerful camera that can be integrated with a legendary DJI Matrice 300 RTK. This solution can be used for mapping and high accuracy surveying avoiding the necessity to set GCPs. As a result, the world saw the new generation surveying solution with higher accuracy, better efficiency, and, of course, at a lower cost.

Right now, the company has already released the following camera series:

  • Share 102S Series;
  • Share 202S Series;
  • Share 6100.

Let’s take a deeper look at the main peculiarities of these cameras.

Share 102S Series

The main goal of this aerial oblique camera is to enhance work efficiency on mapping and surveying. The series includes the following cameras:

  • Share 102S;
  • Share 102S Pro;
  • PSDK 102S.

The main benefits of these tools are as follows:

  • These cameras allow pilots to survey the area without GCPs used.
  • Thanks to the OLED screen, users can check the camera status, including photo numbers, camera ID, and RTK signal.
  • Real-time image transmission.
  • An extremely high precision. The camera’s five lenses can collect POS data, which is accurate to 1 cm.

On top of that, all these cameras have passed an array of tests including temperature, dustproof, drop, etc. Therefore, you can be doubly sure that this product can easily overcome an array of environmental challenges.

What’s more, no accessories are needed to adjust, store, and change display functions. This makes it very easy to use.

The cameras can easily be mounted on DJI Matrice 210 and DJI Matrice 300 RTK. Plus, no third-party apps are needed to use the cameras as they work on the DJI Pilot directory. 

Share 202S Series

Share 202S Series includes two cameras: Share 202S and Share 202S Pro. Both are full-frame cameras, perfectly suited for various surveys. The greatest benefit of these solutions is that they can be used without GCPs. Therefore, you can forget about the use of ground control stations.

Another benefit is the compatibility as both cameras are suitable for multi-rotor, fixed wing, and VTOL. Both cameras feature 61MP, CNC housing, OLED screen, J30J port, and Independent POS data. The only difference is that the Pro version comes with a Sky Port. The PRO version is compatible with DJI M210, M300, and M600.

Share 6100

When choosing this camera, you’ll get a 61 million pixels full-frame mapping solution, which is extremely light and easy to mount. There’s also the SkyPort Connector, which guarantees simple docking with DJI drones. Thanks to the operating temperature from -10 to +40, the camera can be used during the most terrible meteorologic conditions.

So far, it’s one of the best one-stop drone survey solutions that allow users to enhance work efficiency and easily convert real data into digital assets.

Overall, Share UAV cameras can be used in an array of areas, ranging from construction and planning to mining and road monitoring. All that you need to do is to find a suitable camera and drone that can meet the requirements of your project!

If you still have any questions seeking clarification, or you are eager to order Share UAV cameras, don’t hesitate to contact Aeromotus. Drop us a line, and we’ll help you make the right choice!

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