Webinar – How the New DJI Mavic3 Enterprise Series sets Ultimate Standard for Portable Commercial Drones over DJI Phantom4s and Mavic2s

Aeromotus, a leading End-to- End Drone Technology company based in Dubai is hosting a webinar on 24Nov, 1:30pm (MT+4) to introduce and aspect out how newly launched DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone Series outsmarts and sets an ultimate standard for portable commercial drones over the old DJI Phantom4s and DJI Mavic2s.

DJI Mavic3 Enterprise series: Two Models, Countless Applications including Land Surveying, 3D Modeling, Highways and Infrastructure Inspections, Disaster Management, Accident Reconstruction

Aeromotus is DJI Enterprise Drones Gold Level Distributor.




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