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DJI Osmo Mobile: The Overview of the Main Features

Nowadays, it is next to impossible to find a mobile phone which is not able of recording 1080 video. Themajority of flagship devices are capable of recording 4K video files for (at least) two years. This greatfunctionality allows obtaining high-resolution video files, but it doesn’t guarantee that the videos will havegood-quality video picture.

Mobile devices have different types of stabilization systems. Some of such systems have digital imagestabilization but the other part of them is endowed with the option of optical image stabilization. However, the above-mentioned types of stabilization are suitable only in case you are wandering around.

If you really wish to enhance the quality of your video, you might get DJI Osmo Mobile. If you are not aware of this great accessory, then you should know that this device has many built-in sensors and motors thatstabilize camera while a user goes around. To put it simply, it’s just amazing!

The setup process is easy and fast. You put the phone into the holder, adjust the arm to be sure that thephone is balanced, download and install the DJI Go application on your device and then activate the DJIOSMO mobile. After that, your overarching goal is to hit the record button.

All video files are amazing! The gimbal does all stuff for you. However, users can apply some controlsmanually. The device has a special trigger on its back. In case a user holds it, the gimbal will point yourphone in the same direction at almost the same horizontal axis. This is extremely convenient when you aregoing around various obstacles or you want to obtain a walking side shot while maintaining the position of the camera. One can also use the trigger with the aim to hold the camera pointed at the selected subjectwhile modifying the elevation of your camera.

Using the trigger, one can easily change the camera position. To do this, you should keep the gimbal the way you wish and then double-tap the trigger. Due to this capability, your mobile device can be positioned in many angles. You can use such modes as standard, portrait, flashlight and underslung. The portrait mode is very good for making top class videos for Instagram and similar social networks.

One more manual control is the thumb joystick. Using this control you can point the camera at any object. Nevertheless, one should use the joystick for small fitting. In case you use the DJI Go app for video recording, you can use the capture and record buttons on the Osmo Mobile. Through the use of the app, one canexperience the benefits of the object tracking ability or record a motion time-lapse.

Actually, the Motion Time-lapse option is extremely useful. You can enable various start and end time pointsand the Osmo Mobile will pan between time segments while recording. The gimbal moves the camerasmoothly allowing you to capture amazing things.

The DJI Go application contains an Object Tracking option. The feature moves the camera around andcenters a specific object in the frame. It perfectly works with both front and rear cameras.

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