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DJI, the World Leader in the Civilian Drones Area, Comes to Farming


There is no need to prove the fact that DJI is the leading manufacturer of professional and consumer drones. In sober fact, thousands of people from pole to pole prefer buying DJI drones to its main competitors. Yet still, being at the height of success, DIJ isn’t going to stop development of its business.

Several days ago the company announced its desire to switch attention to producing professional drones that will comply with the demands of farmers. This is just another challenge for the company to prove that it is the leading one in the global remote-controlled aircraft market. As far as agriculture is regarded to be the future of the burgeoning industry, the company is going to produce drones that will cater for the needs of this industry.


Besides, the company organized the event which allows getting acquainted with the products, the company produces. The campus is located on the territory of the High Tech Park (the Southern City of Shenzhen). Here, everyone interested can come and see a wide array of drones. This is a huge showroom, allowing everyone interested to see and touch DJI drones. Each part of the showroom is dedicated to different types of DJI drone series. A part of the space is devoted to a well-known Phantom series. The other part of the room is devoted to the “enterprise” drones that can be used with the purpose to cater for the needs of agriculture, film-making or even public safety.


A drone, which can be applied with the agricultural purpose, is propelled by rotors and can easily carry a special liquid payload (15 kilograms). Its prime objective is to crop fields. Besides, this drone can easily do the same work within several minutes when more than 30 people will do this work longer. The drone easily covers a big surface and does its work more effectively than people would do this.

The DJI vice president confessed that during the years of their work, they managed to achieve great success. Within only five years, they went from drones that make only photos to powerful machines, taking the leading positions in agriculture.

A Little Bit of Statistics Data

DJI was founded more than 11 years ago in Shenzhen. Its founder is well-known in China Frank Wang. At that moment he was a young man, who adored model planes. These days, DJI makes almost two-thirds of the world’s civilian drones. The annual revenue of the company is around $1.5 billion. When the first Phantom hit the market in 2013, it was a real breakthrough because this was a powerful machine with a high-definition camera.

The main sales areas are the United States, Europe and Asia. It goes to show that more and more people buy DJI drones in Dubai, London, Berlin, Washington, New York and many other world metropolises and small cities. The population of drones is so huge that developed countries are made to issue the new rules and regulations.

Having achieved success in this area, the company is searching for the new markets. The first drone which can cater for the needs of farmers was launched in 2015 – a well-known DJI Agras MG-1. This is an octocopter (eight-rotor drone), which can easily carry fertilizer and pesticide. Besides, this drone can keep a check on energy networks or participate in public security missions.


These days, Chinese police started using thermal cameras with the aim to monitor down fugitives. Firefighters from California started using drones with the aim to get a full view from the sky. Besides, drones can be very effective for people participating in rescue operations.

Right now, DJI makes its best to enter all these markets and acquire the new customer base. So, the market domination of DJI is going to continue for the next several years. Last months, DJI released a new drone which can cater for the needs of mass market – a small selfie drone DJI Spark (the detailed review is published here).

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