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How to Connect DJI Spark to iPhone or How to Avoid Common Technical Issues Related to this Aspect

Last month, DJI, a well-known drone manufacturer, presented a brand-new drone model – the Spark. The new model was regarded to be the best of its kind. The new drone is small but very powerful. It perfectly suits for beginners who want to master the art of drone flying.

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However, at the moment DJI received complaints from a small number of pilots about some glitches related to the Wi-Fi connection. This issue is not critical and can be fixed by users without the assistance of DJI engineers. Actually, the issue which was considered by pilots as a glitch was a new, special mode. We made a guide which explains the way the issue can be easily solved.

DJI made a special statement in which they announced that the ‘Fly More Combo’ mode was developed to pair the drone with the remote control without making additional settings. When this mode is activated, the Spark’s wireless network doesn’t appear on the user’s smartphone.

Resetting the Wi-Fi network of the drone allows pairing the drone directly to the phone.

Here is the detailed explanation of the issue faced by the Spark pilots.

During the general setup process, it is expected that the drone automatically appears in the DJI Go 4 application and in the list of the user’s Wi-Fi network. However, when the ‘Fly More Combo’ is enabled, the system behaves in a different way.

Configuration of DJI Spark with an iOS Device: Setup Instructions


First, you need to connect to and start the new drone. This can be done very easily, following the steps below:

  • Charge the battery of the drone. Insert it to the drone.
  • Get the DJI Go 4 app from the App Store.
  • Launch the app and check whether it’s set to operate with a DJI Spark.
  • Start the engines of your drone by one tap and one long press until fans start rotating.
  • Open the app on your device and tap on the Enter Device button, then establish connection with the drone’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter the password. You can find the password on the carrying case or under the battery of the drone.
  • Deactivate mobile data.
  • After connection to the Spark, the system will ask you to activate the product and check the updates of the firmware.
  • Having followed the above mentioned steps, your drone is ready to the flight.

In case you will face the Wi-Fi issue with your drone, please reset DJI Spark Wi-Fi to restore its normal working condition.

Here is a short instruction which can help you restore the Wi-Fi.

  • Activate your DJI Spark.
  • Launch the DJI Go 4 app on your iOS device and tap the Enter Device button. In this menu you should see the Wi-Fi menu of your drone.
  • Press and hold the power button of the drone, until you’ll hear the beep once, twice and finally three times. This procedure resets the Wi-Fi network of the drone.
  • The Wi-Fi network of the drone will appear as secured network.
  • Enter the password and tap connect.

After following the above-mentioned guide, you shouldn’t face the Wi-Fi issue anymore.


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