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The New Hot Dog Delivery Drone from Oscar Mayer

Do you know that it is possible to deliver foods with the help of drones? No? Oscar Mayers knows how to do it easily. Furthermore, the company already managed to implement this idea into reality. While many people from all over the globe buy drones for making amazing aerial footage, this creative company decided to expand its well-known Wienermobile fleet with a flying drone which can easily drop one hot dog on people who can’t resist a temptation to eat anything from the fast food assortment.


The Oscar Mayer’s WienerFleet is well-known because of its original design. It encompasses the Wienermobile, WieberMini and WienerRover. Recently, they added the new drone which will completely correspond to the general design of the company’s fleet.

The weight of a Wienerdrone is around six pounds. It is 15 inches wide and 24 inches long. The average flight time is around 15 minutes, the attitude is 1.200 feet. The drone can’t make boast of a good capacity but it can carry only one hot dog. Nevertheless, its prime objective is not to carry many hot dogs similtaneously.  This drone is meant for delivery of drones to the distant areas, where it is difficult to send a car.


It stands to mention that the history of this fleet goes back to the beginning of the 20th century.  The first Wienermobile started shipping of food almost 100 years ago.

The company wants their hot dogs to be more accessible. For that reason, they made a decision to expand their Oscar Mayer Fleet, allowing every American to taste their hot dogs almost at any place.


Frankly speaking the practical application of this drone is not huge. It just can drop sausages on hungry fans during a foremost football or baseball match. Its flight time is not big, so it can’t fly on too far distances. Nevertheless, this is a great idea to add so creative delivering option to the general company’s fleet. Oscar Mayer just proved one more time that people should buy drones not just for making aerial footage, but for such creative purposes as well.

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