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Several Fascinating Facts about DJI Drones

More and more amateur or professional photographers prefer DJI drones to lots of others. It is evident, because when you buy a DJI drone, you know that you’ll get a high-quality product. We gave lots of recommendations to the beginning drone pilots. Besides, we shared with you the tips on how to improve the quality of aerial photography in our previous articles. Right now, our prime objective is to show you several facts about DJI drones you probably don’t know. So, let’s begin!

  1. The new models of DJI drones hit the market on an ongoing basis.

DJI is the leading Chinese drone manufacturer. The main characteristic feature of this company is to allow customers to choose their best drone that will definitely meet their requirements. Besides, DJI drones aren’t for professional aerial photographers but for ordinary customers who just want to make amazing family photos from the sky as well. DJI always updates its products. An ideal confirmation is the new Phantom 4, Inspire 2 and Matrice, released in November. The previous autumn DJI released absolutely new drone line – Mavic Pro, the drone, which is regarded to be an ideal tool for photographers who search for a high-quality camera and portable drone. This spring DJI released the new selfie drone – DJI Spark, which right now is regarded to be the smallest DJI drone.

  1. DJI drones are deemed to be the best drones on the market today.

It is better to give an example to explain you this aspect. DJI drones are frequently compared to Apple products (the company, which is regarded to be the best one on the market). Apple products are reliable and each potential customer knows this. The same thing with DJI drones, a plethora of software providers are interested in integrating their software with DJI drones. So, choosing DJI, you will enjoy using the best software.

  1. A high-quality DJI drone is not always expensive.

DJI drones aren’t cheap, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to buy the one you want. This company frequently offers discounts. Besides, when the new model hits the market, the price for the older drones reduces.

  1. DJI drones are regarded to be the best in the mid-priced market.

This aspect is crucially important. Some specialists consider that there are DJI drones that have the same features as DJI drones have. Yet still, the price for these drones can be higher as compared to DJI drones. For that reason, it means that products of DJI are unchallenged on the market today.

  1. DJI offers a wide selection of cameras.

Any photographer can capture many types of Video or imagery through the use of DJI drones. This company offers a wide array of optional cameras. DJI also offers many types of cameras allowing you to shoot on the ground. The best representative from this category is Osmo Mobile.

  1. DJI drones offer lots of possibilities.

The equipment produced by DJI, allows you film professional footage. To make sure that it is possible, just look through the list of photos made by the winners of DJI’s Skypixel Photo Contest 2016. If you plan to buy DJI drone or already have one, you can also take part in this photo contest. Right now, DJI is handling a photo contest and they accept ready works till the 10th of August.

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