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The latest news: DJI restricts non-compliant drones


Until the whole world is waiting for the new release of DJI on May 24th in New York (DJI managed to arouse the interest of the society with the release of the new product, the name of which is still kept under wraps), we have news from this leading developer of drone technology.

This is certainly a topic for discussion among all users of DJI drones. DJI restricts non-compliant drones at the next software update. All users will be asked to update the required software. If because of some reasons you don’t agree with it or want to avoid this update, the DJI system will be throttled and your flights will be restricted. You will not fly further than 50 meter distance and 30 minutes altitude.

Nevertheless, some users consider that this update will be lost in the noise of the news of the next week. People expect DJI will launch the DJI Spark.

Very soon, the company will introduce a new application activation process. The prime objective of this new step is to make sure that you are using the correct set of geospatial information. Besides, the new app ensures that you use the determined information by your geographical location.

In case you are one of those users who registered their device after purchase, you need to log in when you update Go 4 App or DJI Go. If you can’t remember your password because of some reasons, you can easily reset it. In order to log in, the internet connection is required.

This information is crucially important because if you don’t perform the activation process, the flights of your aircraft will be limited to a 50 meter radius. Besides, live camera streaming will also be disabled. This option is applicable to all DJI aircrafts.

By this update, the company wants to encourage all pilots of DJI drones to strictly follow the laws and regulations of the countries where they are going to fly.

Because of the fact that these days, drones become more available, people frequently buy them. They are not so expensive or unobtainable as it was several years ago. There are many online stores offering DJI drones for sale. Nevertheless, it is more profitable to choose authorized dealers, like We offer you an opportunity to buy DJI drones in Dubai at the best prices. Nevertheless, you should remember that to avoid different issues, it is necessary to follow the regulations of the country where you fly. DJI just cares about your safety.


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