Matrice 300 RTK as the Main Inspector’s Tool

Thanks to smart AI features, M300 RTK makes drone inspections more efficient. It goes without saying that drone inspections are an integral part of any industry. Whether you need to explore pipelines or rooftops, drones allow experts in this niche to quickly collect essential data and at the same time, minimize expenses.

Commonly, a drone inspection usually includes the following stages:

  • Mission design. At this stage, a crew team needs to create a detailed flight route.
  • Data collection. A crew term performs the flight mission and gathers required data.
  • Data analysis. At this stage, experts in this or that niche analyze gathered data.

Overall, it’s a simple process, but when it comes to reality, professionals face various challenges that don’t allow them to perform tasks quicker. The first challenge is choosing the right tools for performing these missions. The second challenge is choosing professional and skilled drone operators. If a company wants to adopt drone technology, it is clear that they need professionals that know how to gather data and process it.

Pilot Training – A Must-Have Stage

The most time-consuming procedure is training the staff. However, if you want to invest in building your own on-board team of experts, you simply can’t miss this stage. Here’s a list of the main competencies a professional drone pilot must have:

  • Flying skills;
  • The capability to process aerial images for 3D modeling;
  • The capability to interpret visual and thermal data.

DJI developers understand that mastering these skills is not easy. Therefore, they have a solution – DJI Matrice 300 RTK – the most powerful drone that is very easy to use. 55 minutes of flight time, 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning, and IP45 protection rating make M300 RTK a must-have tool for aerial surveying! But when using it with Zenmuse H20 Series payloads, you can easily increase its capabilities. In this case, M300 RTK is a must-have tool for a wide array of applications.

For many routine data collection missions, Smart Inspection, offered by Matrice 300 RTK, is a powerful option for any pilot. This feature lowers the pilot’s operational threshold and makes drone inspections more efficient and easier. 

What does this mean? In fact, thanks to this option, more people have access to performing too complicated and challenging inspections.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the main sub-features offered by Smart Inspection:

  • Live Mission Recording. Thanks to WayPoint GPS navigation, your drone knows what route to follow, at what speed and height. Live Mission Recording allows users to record even small details such as gimbal orientation, aircraft movement, or zoom level to create mission files. As a result, even the most difficult inspections can be done quickly.
  • AI Spot Check. The thing is that traditional drone inspections depend on humans and sometimes, human errors mean a lot. When using AI Spot Check, you can easily minimize this problem because users can easily mark various objects during the demo flight and, in future missions, the drone will replicate the position, framing an angle automatically. 
  • Waypoints 2.0. It’s an enhanced mission planning system that allows users to do up to 65.535 waypoints and even set a few actions for payloads. On top of that, thanks to this feature, flightpath planning can easily be optimized and, as a result, increase efficiency, especially when it comes to more complex inspections.

High-Res Grid Photo

When it comes to exploring power lines and railways, High-Res Grid Photo is a must-have option that enables users to make detailed imagery and save some time. You only need to frame the area that needs to be captured in a camera view, and the zoom camera will do the rest. It will capture a set of photos of this area. After that, you can easily view all these photos in greater detail.

Clear User Interface

One payload may include up to four integrated sensors. And this is the greatest benefit of the Zenmuse H20T Series because thanks to this option, your inspections can be more effective. The DJI Pilot App allows you to make the most out of these sensors. It features a clear interface that allows you to quickly switch between zoom, thermal camera, and wide views. 

On top of that, the new drone also comes with a powerful flight display system that allows pilots to have better access to flight and navigation information.

DJI developers pursued only one goal – to make complex technology simple and accessible to everyone. The M300 RTK is exactly what you are looking for! Today, you can use this drone for search and rescue operations, inspection, firefighting missions, and much more! This tool with the Zenmuse H20 Series will undoubtedly make your operations more effective!

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