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The Winners of DJI’ 2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest


In this review, we’ll discern about the winners of DJI Photo Contest 2016. The prime objective of this competition is to find the best aerial photos captured around the world with the help of DJI drones.

It stands to mention, that millions of drone photographers buy DJI drones to make professional or amateur photos. More than 27,000 entries were received from various aerial photographers. The competitors were from more than 131 countries. The jury chose the best photos. So, here are the winners and their works. Just look at them and see the functionality of DJI drones.

  1. The winner in DJI Photo Contest 2016 in the category “Beauty”


“Exploration”, the photo made by Handbing Wang, which was regarded to be the best one. This is a really amazing photo, showing the endless of the desert. Looking at it, we see that people mean nothing as compared to the nature.

  1. “Spilway Selfie”


This photo is made by dixonltd_user and occupies the second place in the category “Beauty”. This image was made when the photographer was filming at a local dam. When the drone took off, he decided to make a selfie. He found this place to be an excellent location for making such photos.

  1. “The Earth”


The author f this image is Heng Li. This photo occupies the third place in the categoty “Beauty”. It is really incredible and it seems to be that this not an image but the canvas, drawn by a professional artist. Nevertheless, this photo was taken by DJI drone.

  1. “A happy morning”


This image is one of the most interesting ones. It is made by Roman Neimann. The photo is on the 4th place in the category “Drone in Use”. It is really amazing. It has a hidden subtext, which shows humans how to be happy all the time and at any moment.

  1. “Meet the Phantom”


This is one more interesting photo, which is included into the list of the best photos. Its author is the photographer HackerSandy, who specializes in creating high-quality aerial photography with the help of DJI drones.

  1. “Drone in Use”


The author is Norman Nollau, a well-known German photographer who users DJI equipment to discover the new perspectives. The main character of this image is DJI Inspire in use.

  1. “Overbridge”


This photo deserved the 1st place in the category Beauty (Amateur). It is made by Chenghan. This image is an ideal confirmation of the fact that human beings and nature are correlated.

  1. “Green Waves”


This is one more bright and amazing image which deserved the 2nd place in the category Beauty (Amateur). The author is Mauro Pagliai. Looking at this image, it is difficult to believe that such amazing places really exist on our planet.

  1. “Ice River”


If you want to see the beauty of winter from the sky, just look at this photo. The author is Canloker. The photo is made with the help of DJI drones.

  1. “Despectus”


This photo deserved the first place in the category Drone in Use (Amateur). The author is Fifa. This image is really great! It shows that to make high-quality and interesting images, there is no need to go to another end of the earth. Beauty is around us.

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