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Can DJI stop ISIS from using weaponizing drones?

Unmanned aerial vehicles developed by DJI are used not only for good purposes. ISIS starts using DJI drones with the aim to kill people. They transform them into miniature bombers, equipping with rudimentary explosives. Nevertheless, the world’s largest drone manufacturer can’t agree with this and does anything to fight back.

Why does ISIS choose DJI drones?

The explanation is very simple – the benefits of DJI drones are numerous, but the most important feature is the flight time – 30 minutes (depending on the model). They just need high-quality drones that can fly for long distances. Furthermore, one can buy DJI drones in lots of stores. Besides, they are regarded to be high-quality drones that have many positive testimonials from users. For that reason, ISIS fighters decided to add a new weapon to their arsenal in the form of a drone.


Preventative Measures

All this happened last year when the Pentagon announced that ISIS was going to use drones for their purposes. Nevertheless, they prefer using modified consumer drones. To achieve their goals they just retrofit them with explosives. According to the information taken from valuable resources, the terror organization established an unmanned aircraft of the Mujahideen unit. It managed to kill 39 Iraqi soldiers.

Nevertheless, DJI isn’t going to accept this situation. They are going to fight back. They developed the software which defines no-fly zones that are forbidden for entering by aircrafts. Initially, this is just an ordinary geo-fencing technique. Its overarching goal is to prevent users from piloting drones in the restricted areas.  First, it was the territory of the airports and many military bases. Nevertheless, after such news, DJI also enhanced the software by adding the new forbidden locations in Iraq and Syria.

Yet still, there is a category of people who strongly believe that this software enhancement will not work. In other words, some individuals believe that it is possible to circumvent all these no-fly zones. Nevertheless, all such procedures are time-consuming and too complex. Besides, the Popular Science reported that ISIS was working on the development of their own aircraft, using different component parts. Nevertheless, Iraqi military powers are also using drones in their fight against ISIS.

As you see, drones really became an integral part of our life and gradually they become a must-have tool for a number of customers. Though it is much better to use them for good purposes but the news from Iraq are different. In some instances, they can even be a killing machine.


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