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The new drone education course from DJI and Unmanned Safety Institute

Recently, the well-known Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) together with the best drone developer, DJI formed a partnership. They united with the aim to help the next generation of drone pilots to master their piloting skills. Furthermore, this new partnership can help students achieve much better results in piloting commercial drones.

The main slogan of this partnership is the following one: “to promote Unmanned Aircraft Systems learning in the fields of engineering, technology, mathematics or arts”. They are going to provide all students of this course with the jobs in the commercial drone industry which is rapidly developing now.


The thing that made USI and DJI unite is the realization that there are too many jobs where drones are required and too little people who can do this job professionally.

It stands to mention that the core audience of this program is the students of colleges and high schools in the USA. It offers many useful course materials and teacher credentialing. DJI is regarded to be the main supplier of drones to higher educational establishments throughout the whole USA. This course is rather popular among in the state of Florida (more than 2500 students are engaged in the course).

In a combination with the FAA’s Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, USI also offers drone pilot credentialing. Each student who will complete 155 classroom hours of this program will definitely benefit. After the course, they can take an exam and get a “Small UAS Safety Certification”. The prime target of this certification is to give students an opportunity to show a high level of proficiency in this field.

Yet still, it is necessary to note that USI is proud of collaboration with DJI because this company is regarded to be the leading one in the area of developing Unmanned Aerial vehicles. For the last six months, the company offered many new drone models for sale, like Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2. Besides, there were developed several new accessories as DJI Goggles or Ronin 2 (the detailed description of DJI Goggles is published here, the information about Ronin 2 is written in this article).

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Through this successful collaboration, both companies are going to combine USI’s award-winning education and several certification programs. All this is possible with the help of the most powerful DJI aircraft technology.

The Director of Education at DJI confessed that the prime objective of this program is to allow all students to see what cutting edge technology is. Besides, they have a unique opportunity to use commercial drone platforms. All this should inspire them. Besides, it allows students to differentiate a plethora of career opportunities. DJI provides the main tools that students need to get an experience and USI offers the high-quality educational course.

This is great news from both companies. This educational course is needed because these days, the commercial drone industry grows at the velocity of sound. This STEM curriculum offers lots of opportunities for young aviation enthusiasts. Besides, DJI constantly supports educational initiatives; the company’s mission is not just to offer customers to buy drones. It has more important mission – to promote the drone industry.


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