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Where to use drones?

Do you know in what areas of life drones are irreplaceable tools? If no, or you doubt, read the information below. Right now, we are going to analyze fascinating drone models that can be applied in different areas. First things first!

The drone to investigate volcanoes

Do you know that drones can collect crucially important data for the scientists? As a rule, this is the information from places that are inaccessible to humans. For instance, NASA made ten drone flights in the plume of Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano. The prime objective of drones was to help scientists measure the concentration of gas in the volcano. Humans can’t measure this index, but it is crucially important for the society. Scientists can easily build simulations on the basis of the gathered information. The overriding priority of the gathered information is to protect the global airspace during volcano eruptions. To do this, scientists used drones developed by AeroVironment.

High-quality controller of the territory

This is a well-known HoverMast from Skysapience. This is a specially designed flier which can rise around 170 feet from any vehicle or boat with the aim to keep a check on the area. The drone is endowed with high-definition and infrared cameras. Except for high-quality cameras, the drone is empowered with a laser designator. There is no need to register it as an aircraft. For that reason, it can be the main device for stealthy operations.

Smoke Jumper

Drones can also be used as fire-fighting instruments. An ideal example is Flanker from FireFlight Unmanned Aircraft Systems. This is the hand-launched drone, which is developed with carbon-fiber spars and durable expanded polyolefin foam. Its infrared camera can easily survey fire. For that reason, this particular drone can be a perfect fire-fighting tool.

A drone for rescue operations

These days, people start using drones with the aim to help find victims after different types of emergencies. Draganflyer X4-ES from Draganfly Innovations is an ideal confirmation of this fact. Several weeks ago, this drone was used with the aim to find a victim after a crash. The drone is endowed with a forward-looking infrared camera. The drone is manoeuvrable and allows life-savers to get to hard-to-get places. Besides, it is easier to use the civilian drone for such purposes instead of relying on helicopters.

The thing that drones are the technology of the future is evident. Choosing high-quality drones, you will get a good camera which can help you capture the most crucially important events of your life.  


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