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Great News for DJI customers: New High-Performance Accessories from DJI



The world’s leader in creative camera technology, DJI Company has recently presented the newly developed high-performance hardware. Except for this achievement, the company can also make boast of the new customer support program. The prime objective of the newly developed achievements is to give professional customers an opportunity to get the most out of their aerial equipment.

Right now, we are going to describe all benefits of new accessories: the new Cendence remote controller, CrystalSky monitor and DJI Tracktenna high-gain antenna.

The DJI development team understands one simple truth – lots of customers from all over the globe, including rescue crews, filmmakers, software developers have too severe requirements to their products. On that score, the overriding priority of this company is to provide customers with the required tools to do their everyday work more effectively and professionally. Now, one can accomplish goals with more control and power.

The New Remote Controller



The first thing which must be mentioned is the new Cendence remote controller from DJI. The overriding priority of this device is to cater for the needs of professionals or those individuals who require efficiency and versatility at their fingertips. This multi-platform controller is endowed with the intuitive ergonomic design. Due to this feature, users have easy access to function buttons and dials.

Users can easily access program and store the required configurations for various shooting options and flights. Yet still, there are also two dials that can be used for adjusting the pitch and the yaw of the gimbal. Through the use of this device all pilots can easily access such functions as sharpness, ISO, shutter speed, focus. Besides, they can do it without the necessity to navigate the touch menu settings.

Cendence has the inbuilt HDML and SDI video transmission ports that users can use for live HD broadcast applications. This particular controller fits for tablets, smartphones and DJI’s high-brightness CrystalSky monitors. The battery life is up to 4 hours. Users can prolong the battery life by exchanging the batteries. Cendence controller is compatible with Inspire 2 drones and DJI’s Matrice 200.

DJI Tracktenna

This is one more new achievement of this company. This high-gain antenna improves the signal reliability over long distances. The antenna is empowered with two built-in sensors and two axis-gimbal. Thanks to this functionality the device can be pointed to the aircraft all the time. Even in case the operator is in motion, antenna bolsters the connection. When DJI Tracktenna is installed onto the Cendence controller, it improves the signal transmission to 10 km. Thanks to this functionality all professionals have more confidence, performing complex flights. This antenna can be an irreplaceable tool for different power line inspections, rescue missions or filmmaking industry.

The device supports transmission speed up to 10Mbps within 2 km. As soon as it hits the market, you will have an opportunity to buy Cendence controller in our online store,

Dedicated monitors


One more entry which has to be mentioned is the new display screen for photographers, pilots or filmmakers. The new Crystal sky dedicated monitor features display up to 2000 cd/m2. This is four times brighter as compared to ordinary tablets or smartphones.

It stands to mention that all Crystalsky monitors are available in two sizes: 5.5 inches and 7.85 inches. To use it, one needs to attach it to the new Cendence controller. If you want to use it with other DJI controllers, you need to use the dedicated mounting bracket. One can use Crystalsky monitors for up to 6 hours in ideal conditions. Very soon, it will be available for sale and you will have a chance to buy Crystalsky monitor from our online store. The price will fully depend on the size, from $470 to $1000.

Choosing DJI products, you will get high-quality customer support as well. If you are hunting for reputable DJI dealer, welcome to We offer a wide choice of DJI products for sale at the most affordable prices. Besides, as soon as any entry hits the market, we are the first online store, which offers it for sale.

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