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The New DJI Spark – Seize Any Moment Easily!

The whole world was waiting for the new release from DJI, which happened yesterday in New York. We all saw the promo video where the leading drone manufacturer promised “something huge”. Nevertheless, until the last moment, they kept all peculiarities of the new release under their hat. Yet still, in several weeks before the release, the information about the main object of the presentation leaked and we all got to know that the company is going to present the new, more powerful and more portable drone – the DJI Spark.


Until yesterday, a well-known Mavic was regarded to be the smallest DJI drone but today we see that reviewing against the new Spark, it is massive. When we all saw the new teaser video to this presentation, called “Seize the Moment”, we understood that the company hinted that the new device will be more focused on photos and videos; it is not for racing.

Benefits of DJI Spark: What to expect from this entry?

 In sober fact, this model is not just anything new, it is absolutely different! This is the first mini drone which features the signature technologies of DJI. Whenever you wish you can seize any moment.

The drone is endowed with the intelligent flight control options, high quality-camera and mechanical gimbal. With DJI Spark ,you can easily push your creative boundaries. The prime objective of this drone is to help you capture any moment of your life easily and quickly. You can take DJI Spark anywhere with you. It is not bulky and takes less place as compared to Phantom series. The average flight time is 16 minutes. Here, at you can buy DJI Spark in Dubai as soon as the drone will go on sale. We will be the first online store, who can offer you to buy DJI Spark at the best price.

Overview of the functionality

As compared to the previous models, benefits of DJI Spark are numerous. Let’s take a closer look at all of them:

Quick Launch

Through the use of FaceAware option, the drone can easily recognize your face and lift off from your hand. It takes second to make it fly.

Easy Control System

DJI Spark allows you to make amazing aerial footage. Remote control or mobile device isn’t required. You can easily make photos or capture images using only your hand gestures.

Create your images easily

The drone is endowed with intelligent Flight Modes that allow you to create cinematic video footage easily. Intuitive controls are one more great addition.

Simple editing and sharing options

Easy to use DJI Go 4 application allows you to edit and share your video footage in several clicks. It is endowed with many useful filters and automatic editing templates. So, if you want to share your video footage in social media, you can easily do it!

TapFly Mode

The TapFly Mode allows you to fly at your fingertips. You can easily tap the screen of a mobile device and Spark through the use of vision technology.

ActiveTrack option

Through the use of this feature, DJI Spark can easily recognize many objects that have different shapes. After that, it tracks them in accordance with the way they move. This feature is more than just cool because it allows users to make tracking more reliable.

Gesture recognition

This is probably the most long-awaited option. Now, you can take your selfies with simple hand motions. A special Palm Control Mode allows you to do this. Now, you can easily control a drone just by the movement of your hand. For that reason, if you don’t have your remote controller or a mobile device with you, it is not an issue for seizing the brightest moments of your life.

As you see, the release of this drone is really amazing, DJI Spark can really become your must-have tool allowing you to capture the brightest moments of your life. Mechanical gimbal, high performance camera and awesome potential are the best characteristic features of this model. So, buy DJI Spark and see how easy it is to make aerial footage.

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