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 The World Celebrates International Drone Day 2017

The World Celebrates International Drone Day 2017

We have great news for all drone enthusiasts – the 6th of May is regarded to be International Drone Day! It means that very soon all drone enthusiasts and professional users will have an opportunity to create great news stories around drones. So let’s find out what will happen on this day and how people are going to celebrate it in different cities.

It is a well-known fact that the quantity of drones is growing day by day. Technologies develop at the velocity of sound and these days, drones are not just meant for making incredible photos from the sky. Nowadays, unmanned aerial vehicles are used in different areas. The range of drone application varies from rescue activities, cinematography to industries and inspection of important strategic objectives. On that score, we see that a number of drone users only increases.

What is International Drone Day?

If to believe the statistics data, there are more than 40,000 drones sold every month. If you are searching for the best online stores, offering drones for sale, welcome to Here you can buy drones and a number of accessories manufactured by the leading drone manufacturer, DJI.

Many people adore flying drones, but still, it stands to mention that it is not legal to fly them on some territories. On that score, there was created a special day to celebrate drones and show their users, media and society how many benefits drones can give to society. International drone day 2017 offers lots of events that are going to take place in different world metropolises on this Saturday May 6.

On each continent, there are many cities in the world where the celebration is going to take place. There are many teams that are getting ready to this event.

The Support of International Drone Day

DJI, the leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles didn’t ignore this event two years ago. For that reason, the company made a decision to help educate the society on all advantages of the drone use in different life spheres. Two years ago, DJI hosted an event, which was held in Los Alamitos. All visitors of this event had a fair opportunity to learn lots of interesting facts about drones. Furthermore, they had a chance to see live demonstrations. Some participants even had a chance to test fly DJI aerial systems.

This year, the main sponsor is AMM (the Academy of Modern Aeronautics).

How to take part?

 In sober fact, there are approximately 180 teams who are going to participate in this event. So, if you are the one who wishes to take part in this event, you need to visit the official website of International Drone Day 2017 and see in what city there is a nearest team and register there.

The sponsors guarantee each participant a good time. All drone owners can take part in this event and share their experience with others. Even if you still don’t have a drone but this thing is very interesting for you, you can take part and see these devices in action. These days, there are many drone models presented for sale. You can meet other drone enthusiasts and put questions concerning the functionality of one or another model.


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