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How Useful Drones Can Be for Rescue Teams On Beaches


As far as drones became an integral part of our life, so why not to use them in more spheres of our lives? If you still think that drones (and it makes no matter who the manufacturer is) are just for shooting video or making incredible photos, you are mistaken. Right now we are going to share with you two events that happened recently in different places of our planet. Both events were witnessed by drones. So, let’s start!


A Huge Shark Filmed by a Drone in California

 Everything happened in California several days ago. This video was captured by a drone. We see that a huge shark is swimming not far from the beach. It is really huge because its approximate size is 10-12 feet long. If to believe the source, there were several sharks spotted in the area.

For citizens of this district, sharks are not the brouhaha. They got used to such events. Nevertheless, sharks are dangerous! Several days before, a woman, who was just spending her weekend on the beach, was attacked by a shark. This woman suffered from a shark at San Onofre Beach, which bit her leg. Luckily, she survived. She was immediately transported to the hospital. This woman is a single mother of three children and now she is maimed for life.

After this terrible event, the beach was closed for several days. Nevertheless, this tragedy couldn’t happen if the rescue team of this beach worked more attentively. In such districts where the attack of sharks is possible, each rescue team should have more equipment for the beach protection. In such cases, the beach can be monitored by a drone. In this situation, the rescue team could know about the potential danger in advance and that woman could avoid the shark attack.

Sharks Hunting after Unsuspecting Surfers


Another situation happened in Australia. Again, the drone captured the video how several sharks were lurking beneath unsuspecting surfers. The video was shot by a drone enthusiast, David Finlay. Several surfers were hitting the waves. If to take a look at the video we see that a shark is going to accompany them. All these surfers couldn’t even guess that sharks are swimming directly beneath their feet. Nevertheless, this time everything isn’t so bad as compared to the above-mentioned situation.

The man who captured the video notified the lifesavers about the potential menace. Nothing terrible had happened. Thanks to God that were gray nurse sharks and these species pose no threat to humans (though they look fearsome). They are frequent guests in shallow waters or bays. Nevertheless, only experts can determine the species of a shark. When you see it swimming nearby, you will definitely get the wind-up.

If to believe the statistics data of the University of Florida, there were 81 unprovoked attacks by sharks in 2016. These data should make the society think about it! Of course, we can’t eliminate these attacks but we can reduce them to the minimum.

Each rescue team should have the required equipment to monitor the beach. Of course, the price for hiring a helicopter for monitoring the beach from the sky is more than average. On that score, drones can be a winning solution! If the team is equipped by a drone, they can keep tabs on the beach more attentively. Besides, drones are more cost-effective solutions as compared to helicopters. Furthermore, professional drones manufactured by DJI can capture high-resolution videos. It goes to show that the quality of the video is high and it allows noticing even the smallest shark in the ocean. Here, at you can buy drones in Dubai at the best price. This is a reputable DJI dealer, allowing everyone interested in buying drones, obtain the device, developed by this company.

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