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DJI Goggles Review of the Functionality or What to Expect from this Entry   

When drones hit the market several years ago, that was a breakthrough on the modern technology market. Nevertheless, such accessories as DJI Goggles amaze not less than drones! Recently, a well-known drone manufacturer, DJI, announced about DJI Goggles release date. Millions of users were waiting for the release of this device for so long and this finally happened!                              

The overarching goal of this DJI Goggles review is to find out all positive and negative aspects of this device. We will discern about all features of this device and see what this thing is capable of. So, let’s start!

What is DJI Goggles?

These are comfortable goggles created for seamless FPV flying with drones, developed by DJI. Analyzing DJI Goggles compatibility, we can say that this thing is compatible with almost all drones manufactured by this company. These are the following models:

On that score, if you have one of the below listed drones, you should definitely think about the possibility of buying DJI Goggles. Each drone fly will be special for you with this thing. This device allows you to feel as if you are flying in the sky.

DJI Goggles: Overview of the Functionality

This device is made of two main parts: the goggles, with a built-in display, several buttons and touch pad, and the head ring, which has the battery and several ports inside. One of the greatest benefits of this device is that it is endowed with a touchpad on a side. Each user has an opportunity to access the main options through this touchpad. Yet still, it also supports multiple fingers recognition, allowing users to enter different menus easier. This procedure is very simple.

Analyzing all peculiarities of controlling the drone and camera, we can say that using DJI Goggles, you can do it tilting and turning your head. This allows each person, piloting the drone to look around while controlling the drone. Nevertheless, it stands to mention that the users of Inspire 2 can experience all benefits of this functionality only because of the fact that this particular drone has a 360 ° camera.

DJI Goggles Design

The developers worked on the design of these goggles and now we see that this is a unique solid headband with the design which balances the weight of goggles around the head. It is comfortable to wear them even for several hours. Yet still, the screen can be easily detached for easy storage.

High Resolution

One more advantage of DJI Goggles is the typical 2K screens, located insight the goggles. They are subdivided into two 1280/1440 sections. When the user of the goggles views a 16.9 image, these sections are cut off and leave only a part of available pixels. Besides, the device has two 1920/1080 screens.

The other technical characteristics are the following:

  • High frame rate 720/60;
  • High Quality View 1090/30;
  • Coverage 360
  • Least Latency 110 ms.

DJI Goggles Price

The average price of this device is $450. Nevertheless, right now there is only a limited amount available DJI Goggles for presale. If you are searching for an opportunity to buy DJI Goggles in Dubai, welcome to our online store Aeromotus. Very soon, DJI Goggles for sale will be presented in our store.

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