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Drone Film Festival 2017

Recently New York hosted an incredible eventthe Drone Film Festival 2017. The event took place severaldays ago in this city. This is the world’s first event, which is dedicated to drone cinematography. The primeobjective of this event is to provide a platform for all aerial filmmakers. They had an incredible chance to showcase their works, using an innovative flight technique. The festival was founded in 2014 by a well-known photographer and cinematographer Randy Scott Slavin. The man just wanted to change theperceptions of drones.

This weekend there were held the third drone film festival. The list of winners is published on the officialwebsite of the festival.

These days, the society realized that drones are perfect tools, allowing people to do incredible shots fromthe sky. They are indispensable tools in the area of filmmaking. Besides, drones are a great creative power. So, if handled properly, one can create worthy images from the sky.

32 films took part in this competition. There were several categories where filmmakers could battle for theprize. These were extreme sports, documentary, and landscape.

The film, produced by Mixed Motion Project, took the top spot. This video commercial has the style of the 2D game and is regarded to be the best in this show.

The prime objective of another video commercial, which was the second one, is to show the audience howdrones can help law-enforcement officers to do their everyday work.

In the Landscape category, the Wild Pacific Media Studio showed the nature beauty of Australia from a bird’s eye view.

The American studio “Corridor”, which created the film “Drone Star Wars” was also appreciated by the audience in the Narrative category.

Besides, two British guys, Giles Campbell and Kie Willis created the video commercial “Drone Parkour”. This video was regarded to be the best one in the category extreme sports.

The category “Freestyle” was presented by the video commercial, created by Robert McIntosh from the USA. His work “Fresh Squeeze” amazed the audience, who saw that drones can easily overcome different obstacles.

In any case, all projects presented at the festival are really great!

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