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Canada Eased the Drone Use Rules for the Drone Enthusiasts


Good news for all drone enthusiasts living in Canada. The Canada’s Minister of Transport simplified the drone rules in this country. According to the new mandate, no-fly zones near airports were reduced from nine kilometers to five kilometers. The required distance from people to drones was also reduced to only 30 meters (the drone weight should be less than 1 kilogram).

The main reason for such changes is the work of NODE (The Network of Drone Enthusiasts). First, this initiative began in the USA and later it expanded into Canada.

DJI, the leading manufacturer of civilian drones is pleased with this decision. The company appreciated the decision of the Hon. Marc Garneau, the Minister of Transport. The overarching goal of the new Interim Order is to give more freedom to the drone pilots. It replaces the previous version that was very strict and restricted the safe and responsible drone use on the territory of the country. The drone enthusiasts, living in this country, should be thankful to more than 2000 drone advocates that sent many messages to the Administration of the Canada Transport. Right now we see that their voices were heard.


Nevertheless, DJI wants to achieve much better results and called on Minister Garneau with the aim to make considerable changes to the Interim Order. The company believes that some restrictions can be improved once again in draft regulations.

Taking into account the amount of drone users these days, certain drone restrictions are definitely necessary. More and more people buy drones in current times. If it is not for the drone rules in big cities, we would observe the chaos. Nevertheless, extremely restrictive rules really limit pilots. For instance, the US government is going to track and destroy all drones that may pose a threat to the citizens of this country. The major part of all safe activities was prohibited. It stands to mention that the majority of such activities were allowed in other countries. So, the new version of this order is going to give more freedom to the drone pilots.

In sober fact, a properly working regime will definitely mitigate the risk of injury while giving the drone pilots an opportunity to experiment, piloting with minimal barriers to entry.

Right now, DI continues collaboration with the Government of Canada. We hope that very soon they will manage to shape a perfectly working regulatory regime, which will give more freedom to the drone pilots and at the same time will improve the public safety.

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