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PowerRay – Change the fishing world

One of the most remarkable names in the sphere of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle manufacturing is the PowerVision Technology Group. The latter has recently announced about the upcoming release of a new underwater robot named PowerRay. With this new technology, recreational fishing will rise to a new level! PowerRay is equipped with a series of features that make it one-of-a-kind. No matter where user intend to do the fishing in ice water, saltwater or freshwater, with the help of this drone no fish can stay hidden.

PowerRay uses a sonar system to detect the exact location of fish and alert the pilot through Wi-Fi connection. The drone dines up to thirty meters down to register fish. Moreover, the sonar system has the capability of detecting fish up to forty meters below the drone. In total, PowerRay provides seventy meters of depth! This is an unrivaled result! The Wi-Fi signal is also very strong.
It can connect the drone and the fisher’s smartphone in the distance of up to eighty meters! Any data will be easily transmitted within this distance. This fish-finding device may either be easily installed on the drone or used separately. Everything is depends on the fisher’s decision. There is also a mild blue light built into the fish-finder. It is designed to attract fish.

Another useful feature of the drone is the compartment with the bait. The operator can remotely place the alluring trap in the right places.
The PowerRay has the power to transmit real-time pictures and videos letting the fisher enjoy the entire process of fishing. The powerful 4K UHD camera is easily used on any Android or iOS device.

This way the fisher gets detailed information upon not only the location of the drone, but also the landscape, temperature, depth of underwater.
Another great advantage PowerVision equipped the PowerRay with is the wearable device to let the fisher feel involved in the underwater life! With this device, you can not only control the drone or access the entire situation with your own eyes, but also get a great fun gaming experience!

However, PowerRay underwater drone is not sold, yet. Pre-orders will be taken starting with the 27th of February, 2017. The price has not yet been reported.

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