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Fake DJI Mavic Pro or a Cool, Cheap Copy of the Best DJI Portable Drone

Dream about DJI Mavic Pro but right now you can’t afford to buy this drone? There is an interesting solution – a toy drone which looks like a real DJI Mavic Pro. Fake DJI drone is offered for sale on an online retail portal, Banggood. Besides, everyone interested can buy this drone on a well-known Chinese website called TaoBao.


The drones name is the Visuo XS809HW and specialists call this drone a Mavic’s clone. This particular drone was made with the aim to look like a well-known Mavic Pro. The drone has folding arms and the LED light placements. Even its box is very similar to the box of Mavic Pro. Regardless of the fact that this drone has almost the same design as one of the best DJI drones has, it doesn’t mean that you can substitute Mavic with this drone. This is just a toy drone! This is a perfect solution for those who search for a good toy drone because its average price is around $50.

The Characteristic Features of a Toy Mavic Pro

The size of this toy drone is 7.48 x 5.51 x 2.36 inches. So, we see that it is a little bit smaller than the original Mavic. The drone has shorter arms. As for the weight, it is lighter at 158 grams.

The main thing which is interesting to a number of pilots is the flight time. This Mavic clone can fly around 10 minutes only (the original one flies around 30 minutes). Besides, you will be made to wait until the battery charges for around 1 hour.

Except for the drone, you will also get one battery, a remote controller, 4 propellers, USB cable and a screwdriver.

The Visuo XS809HW has a poor camera – only 2MP, which records in 720p. The footage made by this drone is saved automatically on your device. The drone is also endowed with video, photo and return to home buttons on the remote controller.

The manufacturer of this drone promises that it flies much better than lots of other toy drones. If you want to make a gift for your kids or friends that are far from drone piloting, the Visuo XS809HW will be a great solution. Besides, if you are the one who is lacking the drone experience and right now you can’t buy DJI Mavic Pro, then buy this toy drone which will help you improve skills. This is a great tool to practice on!


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