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A drone, delivering drugs into prison: is it possible? 

If you still think that drones are a must-have tool of many photographers or travelers, you are greatly mistaken. The recent news from Great Britain can really shock you. A group of criminals was arrested because of the attempt to smuggle contraband into a prison. You may wonder that such news is not so shocking or fascinating because such issues happen from time to time. Nevertheless, they tried to do it using a drone and this is anything new!

This happened in Bovington, Hertfordshire. The destination of the contraband was the Mount Prison. Two men, Thomas Natalevicius and Dalius Zilinkas tried to supply a prison with cocaine and cannabis. Nevertheless, their attempt wasn’t successful.

One evening when officers were on a preventative patrol they noticed a noise in the air. They saw a drone which was carrying a package with drugs.

The officers immediately made an attempt to find the pilot. The thing is that the string, carrying the bag with drugs, was caught in the propellers of their drone. Because of that, the drone was crashed. The officers took the drone and identified the criminals through DNA traces. The drone was also recovered.

Both criminals were quickly found and arrested. The main clues were found in their flat – a battery pack, tablet, drone controller and a white string.

The officers made the tablet analysis and found that the criminals saved a flight log in several minutes before the policemen arrested them.

It stands to mention that this attempt wasn’t the first or the only one. Criminals frequently used drones to deliver drugs into prison. That package with drugs contained a decent amount of drugs of A-class and several mobile phones for prisoners.

One of the criminals was sentenced to 8 years in prison; the other one – to 3 years. Luckily this time, the officers were more attentive and noticed a drone in advance.

Several years ago, the same situation happened in Oklahoma when the officers managed to stop the drone, carrying heroin, hacksaw blades and a phone.

At the moment when the whole world is searching for the ways of reducing the amount of crimes and fights against drugs, such creative criminals invented another method to deliver drugs into prisons. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that this is normal. Drones are really cool devices and there are plenty of life spheres where they can be applied (transportation of organs or goods is one the areas where drones can be an irreplaceable tool in the nearest future). For that reason, to prevent such cases, police officers should be more vigilant.


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