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Summer Drone Camp for Kids – a Great Way to Learn More about the Drone Technology


The best way to teach kids to fly drones is to give them an opportunity to attend drone camps. This is a great idea to get acquainted kids with so rapidly developing drone technology during summer holidays when they have lots of free time for such activities.

Right now one of such camps operates on the territory of Bismark Public Schools Career Academy. Mr. Brad Stangeland gathered a group of 10 kids and now he is showing them how to fly using one of the most popular drones of modern times – DJI Phantom 3.


The lessons are very interesting where children are learning lots of useful information. First, the teacher told them everything about the drone rules and regulations. Kids know that before they fly their drone they need to call the local airport control tower and notify them.

There is one more instructor, Tim Meyer, who during two days managed to teach 25 children to fly drones. The courses also took place at the Career Academy. The students of this course got lots of useful information – they learned what for people buy drones, in what areas of life they use the and learned how to fly them. Furthermore, the instructors introduced them the main rules of flying. Besides, kids see all drone characteristic features and even try to build drones using Lego.

The targeted audience of this camp is pupils of the 4th, 5th and 6th graders. To get more practice they used a flight simulator. Instructors also offered them to fly mini drones, and allowed them to see big drones in action. Mr, Stangeland liked the results of kids. Before the teaching career, he was a professional pilot, flying charter aircrafts.

Except for experienced teachers, former students also helped them in educating kids. One of them is Max Rydquist who is going to join the U.S. Army soon. Besides, this young man decided to devote a part of his life to the drone industry. He started a company, called Dragon Drones. The prime objective of this company is to make aerial footage for insurance and real estate.

Except for practical skills, kids also knew many interesting facts about the rapidly developing drone industry.

To organize this camp, they managed to get a $75000 Tesoro grant. This sum will be enough to buy the equipment and to pay for teachers. They are also going to offer another session the next week.

This is a really cool opportunity for children to know more about the drone technology, to acquire the new practical skills and even to see with their own eyes DJI drones in action.

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