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The Overview of the MQ-4C Triton – the Best Maritime Autonomous Drone

Great news for those who track the development of the drone industry! Meet the new MQ-4C Triton Maritime Drone developed by the Navy! Its prime objective is to cater for the needs of Services in the Pacific Ocean. The drone is endowed with the obstacle avoidance system and powerful maritime sensors.

The overarching goal of this drone is to help soldiers to identify the enemy ships at seas. Though mostly this drone is almost ready, right now the Navy is working on its enhancement. So, the aircraft will be operational till 2018.


Triton Maritime drone is endowed with 3.1. software and powerful sensors. The sensor package comprises a multi-function array sensor. The electronics also requires attention. It encompasses the following characteristics:

  • electro-optical/infrared sensor.
  • Inverse synthetic aperture radar.
  • Electronically scanned array radar.

Due to the powerful sensors, the drone can create full-motion video and high-quality images. Due to the high-quality electronic support measure, the drone can easily identify different maritime signals.

Thanks to the inverse synthetic aperture radar, the users can stop on a particular object and get an ID on that. Using this drone, users can get images of a ship and easily identify its type.

The Purpose of Triton Maritime Drone

The prototype of this drone is the Air Force’s Global Hawk surveillance plane. The developers created Triton Maritime drone with the aim to give soldiers a maritime version of this surveillance plane. It can serve for ISR missions (the technology which should be used for the geographically dispersed Pacific Ocean).

The drone is endowed with stiffened wing. Comparing with the Clobal Hawk, it is thicker and allows the drone to change altitude when the weather is icy.


The Triton is a super powerful drone because it can stay on missions for up to 24 hours. It can fly at the altitude which is greater than 50,000 feet. At the stage of development, the Navy wanted to provide ship commanders with a great tool which will allow them to identify threats from big distances. The Triton has the functionality allowing them to do this.

The drone doesn’t require the remote piloting. Its powerful computer algorithms in a combination with on-board systems allow the machine to perform its mission in different weather conditions.


Before you start flying, you need to load a complete mission plan. If during the flight you will need to change it, the drone allows you to do this. The drone is endowed with the newest avoidance system. The Automatic Response Module of the Airborne Collision Avoidance System X is installed on Triton. The drone is also equipped with signals intelligence and maritime strike capabilities. Experts consider this drone to be the future in unmanned aircraft technology.

Very soon, the US Navy will be equipped with Tritons.

In any case, such aircrafts are great achievements and can really become an irreplaceable tool for the Navy. More and more areas start using the drone technology with the aim to improve productivity. If you are the one who searches for consumer drones, welcome to You can buy DJI drones in Dubai from our online store at affordable price.


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