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A Drone-Catching-Drones Developed by Airspace Systems

The popularity of drones in the USA is evident. Each day the amount of drone users grows. The price for commercial drones is gradually lowering, allowing more and more people to buy drones in Dubai, New York, London, Los Angeles and many other huge world metropolises. Nevertheless, the Federal Aviation Administration can’t leave this question unattended. Now, it develops the system allowing them to control available commercial drones, the amount of which is constantly increasing. Several months ago the information that US government is going to track and destroy drones (for reasons of safety) made the US drone community worry.

Yet still, there is a company which is already combating this issue. This is about Airspace Systems – the company, located in San Leandro. They developed their own drone security program. Its prime objective is to protect the country from commercial drone-malfunctions and even terrorist attacks. It stands to mention that terrorists also use the drone technology in their purpose. Nevertheless, the whole world combats this problem. For instance, the Dubai police developed its bomb defusing drone. DJI also updates firmware with the aim to stop ISIS from weaponizing their drones. This time, let’s discern about the proposition from Airspace Systems.


To achieve much better results, the company discussed this issue with Forbes. Together they tried to create new opportunities for the drone security market. Airspace System was launched three years ago. Its overarching goal is to develop the new security system. Modern security systems need to be renovated only because of the fact that drones can really be dangerous. Their advantage over all security systems is that they fly over them.

The Peculiarities of the Drone Security System Developed by Airspace Systems

The primary target of the company is to develop drone security systems for big cities, metropolises, suburbs and crowded spaces. All these systems should be applied in the regions where the risk of collateral damage is bigger. To implement their project into life, the company developed their own drones. Aircrafts are endowed with a special Kevlar module. It allows drones to catch their targets immediately. Drones don’t shoot the targets down, they catch them gently. Besides, the drone can land softly, deploying a parachute (if necessary).


Unfortunately, these days, except for developing the new drones and new accessories to them, there should be taken different preventative measures too. Drone benefits are growing day by day. Besides, they are engaged in different life spheres, from product shipment and aerial footage to even war zones. ISIS also uses UAVs with the aim to carry 40 mm rifle grenades.

Airspace System collaborates with the New York Mets and Citi Field. The drone use should also be controlled during the sporting events. It is not allowed to fly drones over people. This is a serious security concern.


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