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Drone Manufacturers are Going to Meet with US President to Talk Over the Future of the Drone Industry


Last week 4 drone companies met with the administration of the sitting president of the Unites States, Donald Trump. The main goal of the meeting was to discuss the future of drones and the forthcoming changes in the drone regulation system and air traffic control.

Such measures are required because the USA has a number of drone users. Each day more and more people buy drones for personal or professional purposes.

As it turned out, among the companies that were present at the meeting were such companies as Airspace, Kespry, Precission Hawk and Airmap.

It is worth mentioning that Project Wing (a drone delivery company owned by Google) and the world-leading drone manufacturer –   DJI didn’t visit the meeting.

The discussion was very important for both parties. Several weeks ago Donald Trump announced his desire to privatize air traffic control system. At the moment, the FAA operates the air traffic control system all over the country and employs more than 28000 thousand employees who control aircrafts through the airspace of the country.


The importance of this meeting lies in the fact that the privatization of the air traffic control could influence many big companies like Google, Amazon, UPS and little drone companies that are considering the development of the drone delivery systems. Definitely, now, the drone delivery is only a concept which requires profound investigation. At the moment, the countrywide drone tracking system doesn’t operate and strict regulations that do not allow pilots using their drones beyond pilot’s line of sight just destroy the delivery. However, specialists think that private software companies can develop the air traffic control system much faster, even faster than FAA. It means that drone delivery infrastructure will give serious step up to the drone delivery sphere.

FAA and NASA are already working on the drone traffic management system. They plan to launch it in 2019. However, if the development of this system is delegated to private companies, the FAA will have a role of the observer.

One month ago, in May, Trump’s administration presented a new bill which would give the permission to the federal government to track and destroy drones over domestic premises.

One more significant topic of the discussion is the court ruling. The main idea is to oblige all drone users to register drones in the national database.

So, the results of the meeting can bring bad news for those who want to buy a drone as the unrestricted drone flights can be fully forbidden.

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