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Meet the new DJI Smart TV application

Again we have great news from DJI, the leading drone developer! Regardless of the fact that the company constantly amazes its customers with the new releases and updates the existing drone models, the leading drone maker doesn’t forget about the software their customers need. This week the company released the new smart TV application. The prime objective of this software product is to allow users to watch drone-captured content at home (on your smart TV).

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Now, this application is available on Samsung Tizen TV and Apple TV platforms. By dint of this application, each DJI drone user can enjoy watching aerial content and 4K videos that were captured with the help of your DJI UAV.

Paul Pan, Senior Product Manager said the following: “Our target is to make flying and capturing aerial footage an easy process. Now, all users of drones created by our company can easily share the results of their flights through the use of the DJI Smart TV app. This is a fair opportunity for each of you to travel to different countries and see the whole world in a totally new way. This is just one more achievement for the convenience of our customers”.

This particular application can be used in two ways:

  • To watch the video material captured by your DJI drone
  • To upload the drone footage and then share it with the other people.

The drone content can easily be organized in different categories. As soon as your smart TV is connected to the internet, you can download the DJI Smart TV application from the App Store. When the downloading and installation procedure is done, you can easily activate it. There is no need to go through a complicated and time-consuming registration procedure.

Right now, the software product is available in English language and can be installed on devices that run Android 5.1.and above. The company hopes that this application will help their users and offer them more convenient opportunities for watching the aerial footage.

It stands to mention that the previous six months were more than just successful for DJI, they launched many new products including Ronin 2, Mavic Pro, DJI Goggles and many others. We hope that you will also appreciate all benefits of this TV application too.

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