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DJI is sending crews to the World Rally Champs

Except for gladdening its customers with the new drone models and accessories to them, DJI, a well-known drone manufacturer, started sending crews to the World Rally Championships. Their prime purpose is to show (one more time) the potential of the drone technology and allow more audience to see the WRC because nothing fits so good for capturing such speedy events as rally championships as drones. During the last championship in Sardinia, something went wrong and DJI Inspire 2 could miss a dangerous collision with one of the cars which took part in the competition.

To understand the details of this championship, you can watch the video below. DJI frequently posts such videos on their channel for the existing or the future users of their drones. Besides, many consumers read lots of testimonials and watch promo videos before they finally make a decision to buy a drone.

On one of this video, you can see a well-known professional DJI drone, Inspire 2, which belongs to the official crew, engaged in shooting the competition. The drone was flying too low, but the pilot managed to avoid the incoming rally car. At the very last second, he pulled up the drone and managed to save it from crashing. Otherwise, this could be a serious contact which can be followed by the drone crash.

Though the collision wasn’t heavy, the gimbal of the drone took a bit of a whack. It seems to be that the pilot’s experience helped him to keep the drone alive.

In sober fact, such crews are sent to different countries where rallies take place. Watching the videos from these events, one can make sure that DJI drones really have the speed, versatility to film locations and maneuverability. Besides, they are perfect solutions for high-speed racing.

DJI commented the issue which happened in Sardegna in the following way: during the competition, DJI Inspire 2 touched a rally car in the process of shooting this event. Nevertheless, neither a drone nor a car injured. This issue didn’t stop the rally.


Watching all these video we see that DJI drones are the best options for making amazing aerial footage from the sky. Besides, during the previous six months the company released lots of new products, comprising DJI Spark, the best selfie drone, DJI Goggles, Tracktenna, Crystal Sky Monitors, etc. All this goes to show that the company wants to provide its customers with lots of new products and continue being the best drone manufacturer of the modern times.

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