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Drone Days Event – A Great Opportunity to See Drones in Action


This weekend a fascinating Drone Days event took place at the Nampa Warhawk Air Museum. The prime objective of this event was to show the audience the aircraft of the past and at the same time get acquainted them with the technologies of the future.

This is the second Drone Days event which takes place every year. This is an excellent opportunity for many kids to see the examples of the drone industry of the past and the future. In current times, more and more people buy drones with the aim to capture amazing aerial footage. Yet still, there are many people who have never seen drones with their own eyes. They don’t know anything about their features and capabilities. This event gathered more than 200 viewers.


One of the main groups which showed their drones in action was POWER Engineers. One of the co-founders of this company, Aaron Ames confessed that such Drone Days are an excellent opportunity to allow kids and other viewers see all possibilities of the drone industry. Besides, this man confessed that kids can be even better pilots than they are.

The overarching goal of POWER Engineers is to use drones with the aim to survey lands. The drone usage is cheaper as compared to the helicopter hiring. For instance, several months ago, their team investigated the region in Arizona with the aim to identify saguaro cacti. The drones did their job in two days, while helicopters would spend a month to do the same job.

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Except for Power Engineers, there was one more group of researchers which wanted to show their drones. This was a group from Northwest Nazarene University. Their researchers specialize in the plant business. Their drones are endowed with a near infrared camera which allows them to fly over the onion fields. Their overarching goal was to identify how much water is in each onion. They did this investigation successfully with the help of drones.

The potential growth of the modern drone technology opens lots of possibilities for those who are engaged in agriculture. All visitors of this event had a chance to be convinced in this. Dale Hamilton, the professor from this university explained the audience that they are going to use drones with the aim to study wildfire effects.

Every day more and more technologies appear. At this event, kids had an excellent opportunity to see the drone flights and heard lots of useful information about this industry. Probably for some of them, this information will be crucially important and will influence their career choice.

Besides, we see that right now, more and more people buy drones. Furthermore, lots of industries start implementing drones to speed up some processes. For that reason, this technology is really great and has a future!



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