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When Will a Drone-Tracking System which could Manage the Flying Drones Be Integrated?


As far as drones can be rather cross-functional machines and can even be used with the aim to deliver packages on short distances, the US authority thought about the new air traffic control system. So, what is this? When will the service of drone delivery start working on an ongoing basis? Right now, we are to try to find the answer to this question.

A short while ago, we analyzed all spheres of life where UAVs can be irreplaceable tools. Right now, we are to find out how to organize the air traffic control system. The modern drone market launches new, more enhanced drones on an ongoing basis. Several weeks ago DJI, launched the new selfie drone DJI Spark. We see that drones become more popular among the society and more and more people buy drones for different purposes. For that reason, before hundreds of drones hit the skies, aiming to make widespread package shipment a reality, a definite air traffic control system should be organized. Otherwise, drones risk colliding into each other.

Steps Forward to Well-Organized Drone Delivery System


Several days ago, a team of the professional drone delivery project Project Wing developed and tested the new system which can be used with the aim to manage the drone traffic.

FAA and NASA are also engaged in this issue. Together with Project Wings they developed the control system and tested it at Virginia Tech. Before the regular drone delivery system will really come into action, the issue of drone tracking and controlling should be solved.

The main issue is that drones can’t take off and land from one and the same place on set routes. Mostly, they work like cars that can deliver goods from homes to offices. For that reason, drone pilots should be aware of the fact where other drones are flying in order to avoid collisions. Besides, they should know what areas to avoid.

Unfortunately, right now the amount of people who buy drones grows regularly. Especially, there are lots of drone users in the US cities, but still there is no comprehensive nationwide US system, which could control the drone traffic.

According to the project which was developed by the Project Wing, a special team, which could monitor the flight paths of different drones on one platform, should be working. To test it, they used three their own aircrafts that were developed by this company for the shipment of food and some retail items. Besides, they also used DJI Inspire and one more drone operated by Intel.


This is really great software, which allows drones to steer sway automatically. An operator to control a drone wasn’t required. The prime objective of this software product is to help drones plan routes of shipment avoiding collision with each other.

Except for this company, there is one more service, which is engaged in developing the air traffic control system. Airmap is also working on the development of this project. This company managed to develop a special platform, allowing the air traffic controllers to receive alerts as to where drones are flying. Furthermore, some companies are already using the achievements of this company.

In sober fact, NASA and FAA hope that till the end of 2019, the drone air traffic control system will be integrated. Recently, the US President, Donald Trump offered to privatize the air traffic control system. Besides, many local communities received authorization for making experiments with various ways of controlling the drone activities in the sky. For that reason, it seems to be that the USA will be the first country where the drone delivery will be anticipated.




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