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The New Level of Drone Industry or How Does Charlotte Drone Company Use Drones?


Do you know that except for a wide array of consumer drones, endowed with a high-quality camera and the average flight time around 20 minutes, there is another category of drones, used for professional purposes? The overarching goal of this review is to analyze the achievement of Brett Smith and Walter Lappert, two men who developed their own customized drones targeted for real estate developers and surveying work.

These two men are the owners of Charlotte UAV. They are Air Force veterans with a significant experience under their belts. During the US wars in the Middle East, they gained their experience and learned how to operate the equipment like this. Charlotte UAV started in 2014 after the guys decided to use their experience in a business world. The primary purpose of this company is to offer such type of systems that can easily keep a check on the use of energy in buildings.

Regardless of the fact that these days drones still seem to be futuristic, many people still buy drones for making aerial photos. Besides, people start using them in real estate industry, for product shipment or event to monitor offices at nights. In current times, the drone photography managed to go from novelty to quite a standard practice in various industries. Drones perfectly replace helicopters. It is cheaper to use drones to get an amazing view from the sky.


Smith and Lappert endowed their drones with the thermal sensors. They help them monitor the defects in roofs or even see the leaking pipelines. Besides, their drones help guys create topographical maps with surveyors. If not for drones, this work could last for weeks. Their drones allow guys to do this in a day.

The largest drones developed by these guys can carry up to 150-pound payloads. The average flight time is also more than 20 minutes. For that reason, it is impossible to compare them to hobbyist models.


As for the price, it also stands to mention that they aren’t cheap. The average price is around $25,000. This is the price for a mid-sized drone with six rotors. Of course, the price isn’t cheap but the prime objective of these drones is to offer services to companies that need the services like this but don’t want to buy drones by themselves.

Charlotte UAVs are endowed with carbon-fiber rotors and have extra batteries to prolong the battery life. It was proved that these drones are great for surveying lands.

This evolving technology is rapidly developing. Right now the major part of people knows drones as an excellent tool for making aerial footage, but very soon they will be indispensable tools for lots of industries.

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