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New DJI Agras T 16 – a Breakthrough in the Agricultural Area

We have great news for representatives of the agricultural industry from all over the globe. Recently, DJI released a new drone – DJI Agras T16 – the best agricultural drone, which receives FCC clearance. The main mission of T16 is to help farmers make chemical applications faster and safer. Moreover, it’s a superb tool, which can help save their precious time! The drone comes with a broad selection of great features that will definitely boost the productivity of farmers!

Overview of the Main Features

When the new drone hits the market, every user wants to find out more about its range of options. So, get comfortable and have a look:

  • DBF imaging radar;
  • remote control and task management;
  • the capability to handle 10 hectares per one hour!
  • OcuSync 2.0;
  • RTK centimeter-level positioning;
  • battery charge time is only 20 minutes;
  • real-time mapping;
  • 16 L spray tank for plant protection fluids;
  • the takeoff weight is 39.5 kg;
  • front and back obstacle avoidance system.

The greatest benefit of DJI Agras T16 is that this UAV managed to totally reshape the whole structure and adopt the new modular design. Thanks to the collaboration with AI intelligence technology and 3-dimensional job planning function, this drone drastically improved the efficiency of plant protection.

Due to the new modular design, the drone simplifies the fuselage disassembly and maintenance speed up to 50%.

T16 comes with the new modular avionics system which guarantees the safety of each flight. Thanks to GNSS+RTK dual redundancy system, this drone guarantees precise positioning accuracy. As a result, farmers can save their precious time while working in the field. The new Agras T16 also comes with dual-antenna anti-magnetic interference technology. Its main goal is to guarantee the operational safety!

The drone also comes with the new DBF imaging radar. Thanks to this enhancement, the UAV can easily sense the environment at any time.

When writing about the main features of this drone, we couldn’t pass by the fact that Agras T16 supports OcuSync 2.0 digital graphic transmission technology. This means that the remote control distance is 3000 meters. Due to a wide-angle FPV camera and a powerful night searchlight, one can control the operating environment.

Its battery has the capacity of 17.500 mAh and the capacity of the charger is 2600W (it can charge four batteries simultaneously).

What about the integrated spray system? We should mention that the drone has four motors and eight spray heads. The spray capacity is 4.8 liters. Therefore, the UAV can spread up to 6.5 meters wide.

With this solution, one can easily plan the flights and create precise maps of the fields. The radar system, which is mounted below the UAV helps the drone spray over the treetops but not in between them.

All in all, it is a superb solution for farmers from all over the globe. Very soon, you can buy DJI Agras T16 at Just follow our news!

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