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Several Interesting and Funny Facts about Drones


Analyzing drones from technological view point, we must confess that UAVs have lots of benefits. Besides, these days more people have an opportunity to buy drones because they became cheaper. The lowest price for drones is around $50. It is difficult to analyze the cost of expensive drones because the price fully depends on the amount of features, camera quality, flight modes and other aspects.

In this review, we’ll take a look at 15 funny and fascinating facts about drones that you probably don’t know.

  1. Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer is working on a project allowing the company to deliver goods within 30 minutes after customers placed their orders.
  2. In Africa, drones are used with the aim to deliver life-saving medical equipment. This method is used in the remote areas, where human transport can’t reach.
  3. Domino, a large American pizza restaurant chain is also trialing drones with the aim to deliver their pizzas. The prime objective of this program is to deliver food as quickly as it is possible.
  4. The first drone appeared in Israel. It was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries.
  5. “Aerial Target” was the first powered UAV, which appeared in 1916. The aircraft was developed by A.M.Low.
  6. Drones also changed the work of farmers and agriculture at large. Farmers can easily view their fields from the air. Through the use of drones, they can analyze the damaged crops much faster.
  7. These days, more and more wedding operators are using drones to get a 360 view of the big day.
  8. Nowadays, drones are also used for racing. There is even a special racing group, called the DRL. It organizes special drone competitions, using sports stadiums or warehouses. They illuminate a track and allow the players to manoeuvre their drones.
  9. According to the drone regulations, it is necessary to keep a drone within the line of sight.
  10. In January 2015, one drone crashed into the White House lawn. The pilot of this UAV was made to face charges.
  11. The FBI and police always use drones for monitoring the cities or crime sites.
  12. Army also uses drones for surveillance. Besides, they also use armed drones. First, drones were used to fight with feared terrorist Mohammed Atef in 2001.
  13. A very strange accident happened during the “mobile mistletoe” promotion from TGI – a drone was used to carry mistletoe around the café. A drone accidentally cut the tip of a nose of one customer.


Now you know 13 fascinating facts about drones. These days, UAVs face huge media coverage and are widely used in lots of accidents. During the previous several years, we noticed that the sale of drones is rapidly growing. If you want to become the owner of one, welcome to Here you can buy DJI drones in Dubai. Except for drones we also offer lots of original accessories for sale.

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