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Overview of the Best Laser Scanners for Drones

It goes without saying that laser scanning is the most effective technology allowing experts from different areas to get high-quality three-dimensional models of objects. There are different types of laser scanning today, such as:

  • Airborne,
  • Terrestrial,
  • Mobile.

The main characteristic features of all types are accuracy, high performance, and precision. In this insightful review, we’ll analyze the main distinctive features and applications of LIDAR laser scanners.

What Is LIDAR?

The key mission of LIDAR systems is light detection and ranging. Simply put, it is an active form of remote sensing that doesn’t need electromagnetic radiation. The system can record laser pulses, striking the objects. Thanks to this technology, it is much easier to measure the distance from the sensor to the object. To get the data, the system can determine the time between the laser pulse release to receiving the reflected pulse.

It is safe to say that it is the most effective form of laser sensing. Today, this technology is widely used in a variety of areas and helps people get more accurate data in a matter of seconds.

In What Areas LIDAR Technology Is Applied?

Today, LIDAR Technology can boost performance in a variety of spheres. Let’s look at the most popular applications:

  • Microtopography. To strike the object, LIDAR uses a laser pulse. Without this tool, regular survey technology can miss some important data, which is usually hidden by vegetation. When using LIDAR, they will be able to detect the surface value in a proper way.
  • Agriculture. Modern farmers can’t do without this technology. It allows them to create slope and sunlight exposure area maps and save on too costly fertilizers.
  • Forest Fire Management. Thanks to LIDAR images, firefighters can monitor fuel mapping.
  • Tourism. To develop park areas, LIDAR DEM is used. This technology allows experts to identify the best places for walking trails or playgrounds.
  • Precision Forestry. LIDAR tools allow specialists to increase profits, reduce costs and improve the productivity of wood quality.
  • Environmental Assessment. 
  • Engineering Survey.
  • River Survey. Scientists can use LIDAR for gathering underwater information, such as the width of the river, flow strength, depth, etc. 
  • Mapping. 
  • Transport Planning. LIDAR technology is used to develop roadmaps.

LIDAR plays an important role in a number of areas, including archeology, mining, solar energy planning, vehicle automation, cellular network planning and much more! All in all, it is a powerful tool, allowing scientists to get precise information about this or that object.

Best Laser Scanners for UAVs

If you are currently looking for the best laser scanner for UAV, Aeromotus new products might meet your needs. Now, you can buy the best laser scanners from Aeromotus at a reasonable price. Let’s analyze the main features of both items in greater details.

Laser Scanner for UAV AGM-MS3

It is a multi-featured solution, which is widely used for airborne and mobile laser scanning from drones. The laser scanner can be used in the following cases:

  • Developing GIS;
  • Diagnostics of roads;
  • Creating 3-dimensional models, etc.

The greatest benefit of this tool is that it can be installed on a number of drones because of its weight – only 1.5kg. This tool can easily make survey fast, easy and convenient. Besides, it is also possible to use external cameras with it in order to increase the number of applications.

Airborne Laser Scanner for UAV AGM-MS2

It is a powerful airborne laser scanner for drones, which can be applied in the following cases:

  • design;
  • mine surveying;
  • development of 3-dimensional models, etc.

The main benefit of this tool is that there’s no need to control it while making a survey. It runs according to the “plug and play” principle. 

The laser is compatible with all drones that can fly with a payload of 1.5 kg. Moreover, the scanner also features the inertial navigation system with a triple-frequency quadruple-system  GNSS receiver.

Now, both items are offered for sale in Aeromotus. If you need a high-quality laser scanner for your UAV, book them right away!

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