Autel Evo II: Overview of the Main Commercial Applications

Evo II – a tool that always works hard as you do. This drone was designed with portability in mind. Absolutely each component goes through multiple tests before it leaves the factory. Evo II can be in the sky for up to 40 minutes, capture unmatched 8K video and dynamic 48 MP stills. But in this post, we won’t be digging into the details of the drone specifications. We’ll analyze the main commercial applications of Evo II.

Evo II Dual is an all-in-one solution for various industries ranging from law enforcement, public safety to construction operations. The drone has three camera payloads to choose from. Thanks to this option, the Autel Evo II series can fulfill any commercial operation. The drone demonstrates the fastest deploy time; it can get into the air in a few seconds.

Evo II – the best drone for investigators

A robust set of features offered by Evo II Dual makes it a superb tool for investigators. The thing is that the drone can produce 8K 24fps RGB video and 640×512 30 Hz thermal recording. This allows investigators to capture a 36-degree view of the site on a remote controller.

Aerial mapping

You know that making lots of manual measurements is a time-consuming task. Moreover, it is really hard to keep the measurements accurate when you do it manually. This is where the use of Autel Evo II is the best solution. This drone is meant to empower the mapping industry. So if you are currently searching for the best flying machine for mapping, Evo II becomes your go-to drone in this area.

With this drone, experts in this niche can create accurate maps of various sites. It is hard to overestimate the importance of having very accurate maps or models of objects. When you have a detailed map, you can plan your work more accurately. If any mistakes are made while constructing a building, it is better to fix them early. 

When choosing this drone for mapping needs, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Professional software. The exclusive mapping software provides you with one solution for 2D orthophoto and 3D tilt photography.
  • Open SDK maximizes the value of this drone.
  • The centimeter-level mapping data.
  • High-resolution images where you can see even the smallest details.
  • The drone can fly in place that people can’t reach.

Overall, Evo II is the best solution for your aerial mapping needs.

Law enforcement

In law enforcement, seconds count. In this area, the drone provides a quick response, creating a detailed crime scene. Here are the main benefits of Evo II for this niche:

  • Experts can easily spot criminals from the sky without risking their lives.
  • Public security patrol lines are very long, and it is really hard to cover them by only a ground monitoring system. In this case, Evo II makes law enforcement more effective.
  • When police officers are stuck in traffic jams, they can continue pursuing criminals from the sky.
  • A high-precision thermal camera helps detect criminals no matter day or night.

All in all, you will hardly find a better solution for law enforcement than Autel Evo II.

Autel Evo II – your helping hand in the construction sector

Daily inspections of the building are time-consuming and very hard, especially if you are doing them manually. This is where the use of Evo II may help solve lots of issues. For example, when inspecting vertical structures, you have the stability that’s required. You can do most of your inspections with the help of this drone. It’s safer for both the operator and the structure. You know longer have to physically climb the tower; it’s much safer for both the operator and the structure. When you need to make a close inspection, you already know where to go.

The main benefits of Evo II in the construction industry are as follows:

  • Makes process planning more effective. The drone offers a waypoint mapping function that enables experts in this niche to create accurate site maps.
  • The drone helps optimize project management. It can collect waypoints to create detailed route plans.
  • With Evo II, experts in this niche can create high-resolution aerial photos that clearly display the buildings’ exterior.
  • A thermal camera allows specialists to detect damages easily.

The company-manufacturer’s main mission is to provide quality and innovative products that will make the work of experts in various areas more effective and safer. Today, in the era of digital technologies, there’s no need to do manual inspections – you can rely on technology. Autel Evo II has numerous benefits for the law enforcement, mapping, and construction sector. Why not use them in your everyday work?

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