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Commercial drone battle is expected to come soon

Several years ago, not each person knew the meaning of the term “drone”. These days the situation changed. Very soon fleets of commercial drones will be swarming across American skies. More and more companies employ different models of unmanned vehicles for different purposes – inspecting of the infrastructure, surveying crops, etc.

Through the use of drones, many companies are expecting to gather useful data. Statistically, an ordinary autonomous car generates the same data as 3000 people browsing the web. At the same time, the drone fleet can create 150 terabytes of data each day.

As far as the operation of drones is a stand-alone activity, operators will get a plethora of images, video or maps. The proposition to use drones for commercial purposes conduces to the creation of a number of new business models that will help companies process this information.

Recently, a well-known European aerospace conglomerate has started the new data company – Airbus Aerial. This is a special department which will work with drones. The company specializes in the creation of the new image processing services, people get from drones. They are going to use the best software together with the world best aerospace technologies in order to provide customers with practical data analyses, they get from drones.

Of course, drones will not be used for product shipment only. Many companies, such as insurances or utilities to energy or real estate will be glad to use UAV with the aim to get crucially important information. For instances, a number of insurance companies will be using drones to assess claims after tornadoes or hurricanes. This method is cheaper as compared to the use of helicopters. Furthermore, it is even more effective. Airbus Aerial is going to use a fleet of eight satellites and drones to get the high-attitude data. The company states that this year, they are going to explore the market in greater detail. They want to test this business and find out how customers will appreciate the level of their services. Right now, they operate high-attitude solar-powered UAVs to meet their goals.

These days, the main obstacle for the commercial drone flying is the absence of federal rules. Now, they are pending at the Federal Aviation Administration.

Nevertheless, when commercial operations take flight, those businesses that will be using them, will face certain difficulties. Drones can take a huge amount of data. For that reason, a huge data problem is expected. Yet still, there are plenty of companies that offer the services of data storage.

As you see, the commercial drone use is not anything new. Very soon, it will be a reality. If you wish to keep up with the modern trend and you want to buy a drone in Dubai, welcome to – the best DJI dealer in Dubai. We offer moderate prices, high-quality service and a wide assortment of DJI drones and accessories.

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