Case Study: DJI M600 Pro with Echosounder for Bathymetric Survey

Project LocationUnited Arab Emirates
CustomerGeoDrones Aerial Services, Dubai 
Prepared bySanju Mathew, Aeromotus (DJI Enterprise) Dubai 

 Drones for Survey & Measurement 

  • DJI Industrial Drone M600Pro with the Echosounder, Altimeter. 
  • Echosounder ECT400 was used for measuring depth. 
  • The specifications of the equipment are mentioned below: 

DJI M600 Pro  • Flight Control System – A3 Pro  • Operating Temperature – 14° to 104° F  • Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system gives you an opportunity to organize high-definition broadcasting on a professional level 

Echologger ECT400  • Interface – RS-232  • Effective measurement range 0.15 m to 100 m  • Power input 8 V to 75 V, 2 W  • Temperature range −10°C to +50°C  • Sensor weight 270 g 
Total kit weight 2500 g 


1. Pre – Survey 

  • The mission plans were created using UGCS software. 
Mission plan created on UGCS client 
  • The flight altitude was set to 2m above water surface
  • The side distance between two lines was set to 5 meters
  • The flight speed was set to 1m/s

Data Capture

Echosounder attached to the Drone 
  • The data capture started as per the planned mission. 
  • It took around 1 hour the finish one entire lake. 
Echosounder submerged in the lake 

Data Processing – Bathymetric 

Hydromagic Software 

All the data captured for Bathymetric Survey was processed using Hydromagic software. The raw data was collected in csv as well as nmea.txt format.
Final output of the survey was in csv file having 3 columns viz. Longitude, Latitude and Depth. 

First few points in .csv file 

The file has 3 columns viz. Easting, Northing and Depth (measured from the surface of the water to the bottom of the lake) 

Results and Data Representation 

2D view of the lake
2D view of the lake
3D view of the lake

Depth Map /Values of the lake 

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