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Gimball – the best representative of the drone rescue technology

Recently, Dubai hosted a fascinating event “Drones for Good Competition”. In this article, we will discern about the winner of this competition because the project is definitely worth attention. This project earned the main prize – $1million! All this is about the well-known Flyability “GimBall” drone!

This is the drone which can really save lives. At first gaze, its design seems to be too strange. Nevertheless, the device is protected by a special rotating cage which serves for preventing damages when the drone collides with different obstacles.


This is the first drone of its kind because it can easily get to confined spaces, can fly close to people. These characteristics make this drone a must-have tool for different types of rescue operations.

The prime objective of this competition in Dubai was to show the society how drones can influence the quality of different public and government services. This drone is an ideal confirmation of this fact. People buy drones in Dubai or other huge metropolises for different purposes. The possibility to use drones for rescue operations is awesome. GimBall can work in the disaster-sticken and dangerous area. It can fly in the areas where people can’t get. It can overcome any obstacle. The developers consider that it may be used with the aim to search for human survivors.


GimBall has a very specific design. Its moving parts are surrounded by a special rotating cage. This feature allows not to harm people when the drone is in its way. The co-founder of this model confessed that the overarching target of this flying object is to reproduce the capabilities of insects. GimBall collides into different obstacles and easily continues moving further. Colliding with objects, the drone maintains the altitude. If needed, the drone can roll across ceilings or walls.

Nevertheless, the most crucially important thing is that the cost of development of this drone isn’t extremely high. To develop it, inexpensive tools are required.

We just wanted to tell you about this model which can become the main tool of many rescue operations in the near future. People should know about the latest achievements of the modern aerial technology. Yet still, if you are hunting after a reputable online store to buy DJI drones, welcome to Aeromotus Here, you can buy drones in Dubai at the best and the most affordable price.

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