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The Problem of Using Fire and Police Drones

A very interesting situation happened recently in California. One policeman whose name was Jeff Kleven used the newest drone equipped with a night-sight camera to find out whether there is anyone who survived in the car, which was submerged in the storm-swollen waters.

There was no time for sending a rescue team. This time could cost somebody’s life. In this situation, a drone equipped with a night sight camera was an irreplaceable tool. With the help of this drone, the policeman managed to see that the car was empty, the driver could get out and swam to the bank of the river. Thanks to a drone, this man saw that the car was empty and there was no need to send a rescue team.

Why people are afraid of using drones during rescue operations

In sober fact, this rescue mission is an ideal example of a very popular trend – a number of public safety agencies use drones in different ways. Drones help them detect hot spots in fires, capture armed suspects, monitor crime scenes and find those who need help during the rescue operations.

A report from the Center for the Study of Drones from Bard College shows that 347 state and local police offices are using drones during the emergency cases. As a rule, they don’t prefer the particular drone model. In the majority of instances, they use the same drones as ordinary consumers use. They buy them either from the manufacturer or authorized dealers. Here, at, you can buy DJI drones at the most affordable price. We are an authorized DJI dealer, allowing everyone interested to buy drones in Dubai.

Regardless of the fact that drones are so useful for the rescue operations, not always the society supports this decision. Some of them don’t agree with the digital incursions into their personal rights.

Nevertheless, a number of Fire departments and Protection Districts use drones on a daily basis. Some of them are working on a particular drone use program.


The main reason why people are against of drones is the public privacy. The society considers that drone use should be controlled because while spying on the criminals, innocent civilians are suffering too. Yet still there are some individuals, who consider that drones can crash into buildings or what is even worse, to airplanes, but a plethora of other law enforcement agencies have another point of view – drones can save lives and time.

Of course, it shouldn’t be allowed to fly drones over the territory of airports because this innocent flight can become the main reason of a terrible plane crash. Modern drones developed by professional manufacturers are really powerful and endowed with the obstacle avoidance system but no one is impervious to incidents. Anything may happen.

How powerful the drone technology is

Many fire chiefs from California consider that drone technology is a real game changer. We can give several examples that confirm this issue. The first one is Alameda County, which has ten drones that helped them during several severe incidents. The Sheriff’s Commander considers that drones were involved in different operations with the aim to search for the hot spots. The devices were endowed with the thermal-imaging camera. Thanks to them they managed to find the victims faster.

This January there was one more incident – during a car crash, a drone helped to identify a woman, who was alive. In several days, a drone helped to find the body of a man whose kayak capsized in the water.


Of course, even taking into consideration a number of incidents, we can’t say that drones are all-powerful. They don’t immediately locate the victim, but they save time. All this is possible due to the capability to cover a big search area. On that score, this tool is a great advancement.

We can give the example of one more rescue operation: a drone helped the police to see whether the criminal still had a gun. A helicopter couldn’t get too close to the building, but the drone showed everything.


Besides, specialists consider that there is no need to spend too much on too expensive models. In the majority of instances, one can accomplish anything one needs through the use of hobbyist-grade. Frequently, users and many rescue services prefer the models developed by DJI, a well-known Chinese company. They offer an extensive range of models, starting from $500 to $2500. Recently, the company amazed its standing customers by developing the latest Matrice 200 series. A new model can withstand cold temperatures and strong winds. As soon as this model hits the market, you will have a chance to buy a drone from

In the USA, there are lots of Fire Departments that use drones during the rescue operations.  Nevertheless, not all police offices are allowed to use drones. These days, the situation changes and Americans change their point of view. Definitely, there should be some rules, regulating the drone use but there is no need to argue that drones are must have tools during rescue operations.

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