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Which drone to choose? The Overview of the Best Toy, Camera, and Selfie Drones

The prime objective of this review is to analyze several drone types – the best toy drones, the best camera drones and the best selfie drones. It is evident that each customer has absolutely different purposes. For that reason, it is obligatory to take into consideration how you are going to use your drone. Before you enter this hobby, you need to choose the right drone to achieve success.

These days, lots of people buy drones. Furthermore, gradually people start using drones to deliver goods or even defuse bombs! More and more industries apply drones for monitoring, making aerial footage, performing rescue operations, etc. The overarching goal of this review is to help ordinary users buy the best drone!

Best Toy Drones

An excellent starting point is a well-known Syma X5C.

The average price for this drone is around $40, depending on the retailer. The greatest benefit is that it is really easy to find spare parts and additional batteries to this drone. It is small, portable and very light. It is also endowed with a camera and this is a real benefit for the drones of such a type. As a rule, so cheap drones go without cameras.

If your primary target is to fly indoors then choose Parrots’Minidrones. This line is offered in different styles. Besides, these drones are regarded to be stable. The starting price is around $100. It is easy to navigate them around the house because these drones are endowed with a set of sensors that allow them to hover in place unassisted.

If your demands are higher, you can take a look at Aerix Vidius HD. This drone has air pressure sensors and offers an altitude assistance. It allows users to focus on directional controls and deprives a pilot of the necessity to adjust the throttle on an ongoing basis.

Best Camera Drones

As a rule, customers buy drones with the aim to make aerial footage. This is the major purpose of the greater part of all drones. If you have the same purpose then you should buy DJI drones only. DJI is the leading company offering the best camera drones for sale. Here, at Aeromotus, we offer you to buy DJI drones in Dubai at the best price.

If you want to make high-quality aerial photos than Phantom 4 drones will be the best choice for you.


The more you pay, the more multi-functional drone you get. Phantom 4 Pro or Advanced will be a great solution but if you are searching for smaller drones that you can put in your backpack and take anywhere with you, then DJI Mavic Pro will definitely comply with your demands.


DJI drones are really qualitative ones, but you’ll be made to drop a lot of money on this. If you can’t afford to spend around $1000 for your drone, we recommend you to pay attention to GoPro Karma’s Drone. Its functionality is limited as compared to DJI drones but it has one benefit, you can use its camera on land (it is not fixed to a drone). Besides, it is also possible to remove the motorized gimble and to shoot the stabilized video on the ground.

Best Selfie Drones

In some instances, people choose drones as a great option to make selfies from the sky. As a rule, selfie drones shouldn’t be bulky. They are small and portable but have a high-quality camera. Besides, the remote controller is not always needed, you fly them with the help of your mobile device.

Analyzing all selfie drones, DJI Spark definitely wins.


This is a new model. It was released at the end of May. Nevertheless, this drone managed to get lots of positive reviews. The detailed review about this drone and its functionality you can find in this article.

Another option is Yuneec Breeze.

This aircraft is also mostly used by those who search for affordable selfie drones. In this review, we compared DJI Spark to Yuneec Breeze to find out which one is better.

Even if you only start flying a drone and just search for the best drone, you should determine your major purpose. It is not enough just to buy a drone and start flying. The drone should be chosen correctly.

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