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Drone Delivery in Dubai: Myth or Reality?


There are lots of talks about the drone delivery, but very soon the citizens of Dubai will have a chance to appreciate all benefits of this delivery method. From the first quarter of 2018, all citizens of this metropolis will have an opportunity to get online-ordered packages with the help of drones.

Until South Korea government is just going to invest in the development of the drone delivery, UAE will soon make it real. There were made lots of investigations and it was proved that drone shipment can really lower carbon footprint. For that reason, we see that this industry is really worth investment.

The ability to get the online shopping through the use of autonomous drone delivery service is really excellent. All this is possible thanks to Space Autonomous Drones (a new company formed thanks to the collaboration of UAE-based tech company Eniverse Technologies and the drone manufacturer Skycart (based in San Francisco). Now, they do everything to get the legal approval from the Dubai government.

The greatest benefit of the drone deliveries is that they will be cheaper as compared to the ordinary shipping methods. The cost will be 30-40 percent less –  around AED 10-15. The cost of traditional deliveries is around AED 20-25. The average weight of the package shouldn’t be more than 5 kg.

A drone flies around the track in front of the Dubai's Marina skyline during the World Drone Prix drone racing championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Saturday, March 12, 2016. Teams compete for the global champion purse of total prizes of $1 million by navigating drones at over 100kms an hour around a track which features multiple pathways, kinetic and static obstacles designed to push pilots to their limits. Photographer: Razan Alzayani/Bloomberg

First, the deliveries will be made in the following districts:

  • Emirates Hills,
  • The Springs,
  • The Meadows,
  • Jumeirah,
  • Umm Suqeim,
  • The Greens.

All citizens of these districts will soon appreciate all benefits of the drone delivery.

Mohammed Johmani, CEO of Eniverse Technologies confessed in one of the interviews that the enterprise plans starting all operations in March 2018. They can’t predict the terms because everything fully depends on the government approval. As a rule, it takes from 6 to 12 months.

Nevertheless, they are going to start testing the program this September. We hope that testing operations will soon grow into the development of one more industry.

First, the fleet of the company will consist of only 5 drones. Yet still, very soon they plan increasing it up to 100 drones. As far as this project is futuristic, it is really difficult to test the demand. They are the first in UAE to offer this type of services.

Now, the General Civil Aviation Authority is working on the development of a special traffic control system.

Regardless of the fact that these days, drones are mostly used for making aerial footage, we see that this technology develops at the velocity of sound.

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