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The New FUSE Automated Smart Winch Tethering System for DJI Inspire Drones


We have great news for all Inspire users. Tethered drone manufacturer Drone Aviation Holding Corporation has launched FUSE – a reputable tethering system, which was designed especially for DJI Inspire drones. The system was released several days ago and right now is widely discussed on different drone forums.

The overarching goal of this system is to meet the specifications of Inspire series. Drones that belong to this series are regarded to be the most popular commercial drones in the world. The system was developed with the aim to maximize drone use for those customers who own Inspire 1 and Inspire 2. It really increases the flight time and improves the tether facilities of long-duration flight operations.

The company promises that FUSE is based on a special military-grade tethering technology. They used the same technology for tethered products developed for The Department of Defense in the USA.

The chairman of this company confessed that collaborating with DJI, the leading drone manufacturer in the world, they aim to improve the safety and flight capability of the future DJI drone models. These days, many businesses integrate drones into their work. So, the company makes everything to be useful. Besides, the demand from organizations for tethered products is gradually increasing.

The FUSE system is endowed with lots of useful options like a customized power back and an automated smart tension control. It has 200 feet of tether and supports 100-volt ground power sources.

According to the statistics data, DJI Inspire drones are regarded to be the most widely used platforms. This peculiarity made the Drone Aviation Holding Corporation to develop this system. Now, FUSE is available for pre-order.

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