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Street Art Using Drones – Nonsense? No, reality!


We know that people gradually start using drones for different purposes – for product shipment, capturing amazing aerial footage, racing and even for the agricultural needs. Earlier, we reviewed the DJI drone used in the agricultural purposes. You can find it here.

Yet still, there is one more interesting purpose for which drones are useful – street art! Yes, the rapidly developing drone technology can bring the street art to the new heights. So, let’s start!

A well know Italian Design Company, Carlo Ratti Associati has developed a cool technique allowing people to create huge urban works together and faster. The new technology has acquired a new name “phygital graffiti”. Carlo Ratti used this term with the aim to explain that people can buy drones not only for making photos but for participating in the development of street art as well. So, let’s gain insight into the way how this drone technology works.


How does it work?

The prime objective of phygital graffiti is to use drones and some other digital techniques aiming to create public art. Carlo Ratti confessed that painting with drones is an ideal method to engage citizens of a city in the street art. Each metropolice has a plethora of vertical surfaces that can become brighter with the help of drones. It is difficult to get to the height of a building in order to draw it. Furthermore, it is dangerous. Drones can be a way out!

Each drone is endowed with special sensors that carry a spray paint tank. Besides, there is a central management system, which regulates the operations in a real time mode. There is also a special monitoring system which controls the position of every aircraft. Besides, it is necessary to set special scaffolding over a site, which provides the safe space for moving drones. The content must be submitted digitally through the use of special applications. To replicate the printing process, drones use CMYK colors.


Besides, everyone interested can take part in the process of working on the projects. Each person will have an opportunity to download the application and draw their own designs.

They developed special software that can easily control multiple drone operations and monitor their positions. So, very soon the society can say goodbye to a plethora of boring office blocks. This year, they plan to start testing this project in such huge cities as Berlin and Turin. This technology will definitely simplify the process of realization of public art projects. Furthermore, it will make them safer. It will be easier to create street arts on huge buildings, bridges, railway stations, etc. Very soon it will be safe!



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