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DJI Spark: Is This Drone Just a Step Forward the New Phantom 5 and Mavic 2?

Recently, DJI released its smallest drone – DJI Spark. Right now, the whole world discusses this drone, its major features and options. Besides, the hobby of aerial photography becomes more and more popular among the society. DJI realized this fact and released its new drone, the one which appeals to the new audience. This time, these are beginners, those who adore making selfies and families.

The drone benefits are numerous and the drone technology is rapidly developing. Nevertheless, a beginner will hardly buy a drone, if he doesn’t know anything about this technology. As a rule, they faced lots of barriers, related to the drone use. With the release of Spark, all these barriers disappeared. Reviewing against its predecessors, DJI Spark is small, portable, easy to use and what is the most important, it is affordable (the price is around $500). Of course, there is no need to tell that the image quality isn’t the same as other, more expensive DJI drones have. Yet still, its core audience is a mainstream market, where this criterion doesn’t matter.

DJI Spark: Top Features of the Future Technology

After the release of this well-known drone, the question appears “what Spark’s options will be shared with the more expensive models of DJI in the near future?” In other words, people wonder whether the features of Spark will be added to the future DJI drones.

Let’s gain insight into details.

3D Vision Technology

As far as right now it is still difficult to buy DJI Spark, we can’t analyze the work of its 3D sensor system properly. In other words, we can’t find the difference from the system of forward and downward-facing vision of Mavic Pro.

In sober fact, the 3D Sensing System is used with the aim to detect obstacles (mountains, walls, people, etc.). Besides, it is used with the aim to give pilots an opportunity to use the Shallow Focus Mode.

The system was the main key to the appearance of so well-known palm gestures recognizable system the Spark has. The manufacturer promises that the new Spark can stop before the obstacles up to 5 meters.

We may presuppose that the new backward vision sensing will be added to the new Phantom 5 and Mavic 2.

The Significance of Gesture Control System

The palm and gesture control is a really significant enhancement. First, DJI introduced this system with the new Spark. Nevertheless, it seems to be that it will not be difficult for the company to integrate this system to the future models of Mavic 2 and Phantom 5.

Yet still, Spark is also endowed with FaceAware system. The prime objective of this function is to allow the Spark to take-off from the hand of a user and to scan the face. It is more likely that DJI will integrate this functionality to the future models. Of course, it may be difficult with bulky drones like Phantom series but it is quite possible to do it with Mavic.

Selection of Colors

Frequently people care about the variety of available colors. Those, whose overarching goal is to buy DJI Spark will have an excellent opportunity to select from many different colors. Though this aspect isn’t the most important one, yet still, it makes Spark a family friendly aircraft. We hope that in the near future, DJI will integrate such a good variety of colors to the future projects.

A Variety of One-Touch Flight Modes

With the release of Spark, DJI also offered many new flight modes like:

  • Rocket;
  • Circle;
  • Dronie;
  • Helix.

Through the use of all these flight modes, it will be easier to make slick shots. For that reason, all these flight modes can be integrated to the new models of DJI drones.

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