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How Many Lives Drones Saved Since 2013

If you still think that drones are just for capturing video, you are mistaken. A well-known Chinese companyDJI, producing amateur and professional drones has recently published a report, containing the informationabout how many lives drones saved since 2013 and till nowadays.

The representatives of this company gathered the information and created one general report, where theyincluded facts about the situations when drones really saved the lives of people. Thereat, the informationwhen drones were just participating in the rescue activities was not taken into consideration.

In sober fact, there were registered 18 incidents when drones saved 59 lives. Besides, 38 lives were saved thisyear. The majority of people were saved during the floods. In such situations, drones were used as thedevices for the search of the disaster-affected people. Besides, they delivered the life-saving outfit to theplaces that people can’t reach. It stands to mention that 20 lives were saved by ordinary drone users. In someinstances, people were saved by bystanders who had their drones with them and used them when theemergency occurred.

Yet still, this report is not full, because the real amount of rescued people can be more. The informationmentioned in this report is based on the data of media sources but not on the information given by searchand rescue services. These days, such services obtain drones more often.

Taking into consideration such a great popularity of drones in the world, we can conclude that the amount of saved lives (by dint of drones) will be increasing in the near future. Nowadays, drones are used in a numberof life situations. Besides, there are several projects (in the works) allowing people to use drones in thesphere of medicine. Several drones are used to transportimportedorgans. Last year, people started usingdrones with the aim to deliver bank blood to several distant districts of Rwanda.

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