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SuperFly – a Step Forward for the Global Aviation Industry


Today, we are going to discuss one of the latest achievements of the modern drone technology, which can be very useful for the society (especially for those who reside in big cities). Right now, we are going to discern about the latest achievement of the US-based transport company, collaborating with UPS – Workhouse. The company managed to upscale the airborne technology, representing the new “SureFly”, personal helicopter.

What is SureFly?


The first projects of this helicopter appeared more than 70 years ago. Now, it was reinvented and enhanced. SureFly is a personal helicopter/VTOL aircraft. Its prime objective is to provide an opportunity to fly safely and easily. It is very easy to operate and to fly a drone copter and there is no need to spend lots of time learning how to do this.

Even those people, who are inexperienced in piloting, buy drones in Dubai and other huge cities with the aim to make professional aerial footage. Nevertheless, to avoid crashes, it is still recommended to spend some time learning the manuals.

Initially, models of this helicopter need to be piloted. Yet still, the company plans to introduce the autonomous flight option in the near future.

The helicopter is endowed with eight independent motors. Each motor is driving a single carbon fiber propeller. Besides, the helicopter has a backup battery power system and a special ballistic parachute system, which is needed for safely landing.

It stands to mention that SuperFly is more reliable reviewing against an ordinary helicopter. Besides, the craft is also endowed with a gas combustion engine, which is responsible for the generation of electricity.

What for people can use SuperFly

The prime objective of this helicopter is to serve the needs of those who want to go in for short journeys over a distance of around 70 miles. This is like to fly your drone above your house or the city you live in, but with a drone copter you can see everything from the sky with your own eyes. Its average speed is 70mph. Besides, this personal drone copter is very easy to store. It has four carbon-fiber arms allowing users to squeeze it into an ordinary garage. It is designed especially for two passengers.


The manufacturer promises that this drone copter is a real breakthrough in the world of aviation. Very soon, it can substitute ordinary helicopters. It is very mobile and simple to use.

The society can see this drone copter on June 19 at the Paris air show. So, if you plan to visit Paris this day, you should definitely attend this show in order to see SuperFly with your own eyes!

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